How to Remove Urine Smell

All Aces Services were recently called to attend an inspection to remove urine smell which took place at a property located in Zillmere. The reason for our visit and the inspection was that the owner of the property had been complaining of an odour which was present in the property.

According to the owner’s report, the last time which the carpets had been cleaned was in November of 2011, by another carpet cleaning company which is unknown. The urine smell was noticed soon after that cleaning was done. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, and has a simple explanation.

When carpet cleaning companies, who are not properly trained and qualified, attempt to clean carpets they often do not correctly remove pet odours and urine smell which are in the home. All too often, this type of cleaning actually causes these odours to be worse than they were before the cleaning took place. The reason for this is simply a matter of what happens when urine hits the carpet and the cleaning process brings it out.

When urine leaves the body, it is at a particular pH level. As it begins to dry, that level changes and the well-known ammonia scent seeps through the home. The powerful bacterial and chemical changes which the urine undergoes when it dries are the cause of that smell. When moisture is added to the urine, the problem only escalates. This occurs during high humidity, or when unqualified persons try to clean the carpet.

At this time, the crystalline salts present in the stain absorb the moisture, and puts out an ammonia gas. This is why the urine smell seems to pop back up after the carpets are cleaned in the wrong manner. Unfortunately, many carpet cleaning companies do not know how to remove urine smells and these types of odours.

All Aces Services can guarantee one hundred percent that we are able to remove urine smells. After receiving your call for service, we will come to your home and do an inspection. Included in this inspection will be moisture testing, pulling up carpet, re-lying the carpet, and our professional advice on the best way to clean and treat the odour. Give All Aces Services a call today and remove the unpleasant urine smells from your home while saving your carpet.