Dust Mite Treatment in Upholstery Cleaning

On Monday, February 6, we were called to a job, which was located at Tarragindi, to do some upholstery cleaning. We were also asked to give the customer a dust mite treatment, as their daughter is allergic to dust mites.

Many people are not aware that the number one known indoor allergen is the fecal matter that is created by the common household dust mite. These creatures feed off of our skin, and are only three microns in size, which makes them invisible to the human eye. They are also arachnids, not insects, and related to spiders. They even have eight legs.

It does not matter how clean someone may keep their home, dust mites will still be found there. The main source of exposure to dust mites is the bedroom, where we spend one-third of out lives. As we lay in bed, we shed most of our skin which provides food to these creatures. In our bedrooms, they have already found a warm and humid environment to live and grow.

Dust Mite Treatment

Since most of those who suffer from allergies are very sensitive to solvents, perfumes, and other hazardous materials, we use products which are non irritants. We use a family of hypoallergenic products which are designed to clean and service the homes of those who are sensitive to harsh chemicals. They contain no harmful ingredients, and are made from fruit and vegetable seeds. Our Anti-Allergen hypoallergenic pre-spray for carpets, upholstery, and mattresses will not cause distress for the allergic customer. The final removal of soil and allergens is done with our Anti-Allergen hypoallergenic Rinse.

As more and more people are becoming sensitive to allergens, it is very important to know what chemicals are being used by those who clean your homes. Our products have been tested and proven safe for humans, pets, and plants. Just as our customer in Tarragindi, you will be very satisfied with All Aces Cleaning & Restoration, and happy that we offer a hypoallergenic alternative to cleaning. Feel free to ask about our anti-allergen line of product during your next booking!