Masters of Disaster: Fire Damage Restoration

Recently All Aces Services were asked to perform Fire Damage Restoration services at a property in Cooloola Cove which is near Hervey Bay in Queensland. At All Aces Services, we strive to provide restoration services throughout Queensland and into northern New South Wales, so Cooloola Cove was certainly within our reach.

The fire in the property started in the kitchen, however it was found relatively early and most of the fire damage was contained in the kitchen area. However, fire causes smoke and smoke causes staining on walls and furniture and leaves and odour. At All Aces Services we are professionally trained in Fire Damage Restoration and also Odour Removal.

Kitchen Smoke Damage on Ceiling

Smoke on Ceiling

The best way to explain what we do is to show the before and after pictures of the areas we cleaned and let you judge for yourself whether or not you agree that we are Fire Damage Restoration experts.

Fire Damage Restoration - half done

Half-way through our Fire Damage Restoration

As  part of our Fire Damage Restoration process we use drop sheets, move furniture if necessary and use dry sponges to clean and decontaminate affected walls, ceilings, cupboards and hard floors. Dry sponging removes the loose soot from surfaces in the most efficient manner to reduce staining.

Once we have dry sponged an area, we commence wet washing the affected area using an odour counteractant blended with a de-carboniser. This process ensures that any odour trapped in hard surfaces is removed.

This particular property did not have damaged carpet and upholstery, but All Aces Services are fully equipped to perform Fire Damage Restoration Services on carpets and upholstery as well using odour counteractants and HEPA vacuums.

Kitchen Area After Fire Damage Rectification

Kitchen Area After Fire Damage Rectification

We think you will agree that our Fire Damage Restoration services are of the highest quality. If you need experts in Fire Damage Restoration, call All Aces Services immediately on 1800 00 1010.

Kitchen Ceiling After Decontamination

Kitchen Ceiling After Decontamination