Carpet Stain Removal and Coffee Spills

At All Aces Services we receive calls all the time about stains on carpet, as unfortunately mishaps occur from time to time. We can sometimes get a little carried away with trying to treat the stains ourselves.

We recently had a call from a customer located at the Sunshine Coast, in Kuluin. She had nice wool carpet in her house and had not had a chance or even really considered protecting her carpet with carpet protection. Her grandson had just spilled a cup of coffee on the carpet creating a nice big stain.

Now let me explain the problem with coffee and what it does to wool carpet. Coffee is a dye stain. Wool is an acid dyed carpet, which means it is dyed with an acid dye. So in fact the coffee re-dyes the fibre of the carpet. Therefore you can get the idea that general carpet cleaning alone would not remove the stain.

Fortunately for our client she did the right thing even though it was a Saturday afternoon, she rang our office straight away. We were able to have one of our most experienced technicians located at the Sunshine Coast sent to her house within 2 hrs. It took our technician a while to remove the stain 100% as he had to remove the coffee dye from the carpet without removing the actual colour of the carpet.

Not only are all of our technicians at All Aces Services fully qualified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification but so are all of our office staff. This means you can be guaranteed that all of our staff know exactly what they are doing and we back them with our 100% money back guarantee.

Next time you have a little mishap with coffee or other stains on your carpet make sure you ring the experts immediately. Contact All Aces Services on 1800 00 1010 and you will be guaranteed that your carpets are in great hands and you will get the best result possible for coffee or stain removal.