Green Cleaning in Brisbane

A fairly large firm based in the heart of the Brisbane CBD in Fortitude Valley recently contacted All Aces Cleaning & Restoration to provide a quote on cleaning their carpets and vinyl floors.  The main reason this particular firm was attracted to All Aces Services was because we specialise in green cleaning.  This particular company are in a “green” building and could only use products that were specifically anti-allergy.

We are finding that more and more consumers are opting for our Responsible Care Range.  This range is completely safe for people who are chemically sensitive or who have asthma.

Back to the firm who contacted us – to our delight they accepted our quote for vinyl cleaning and carpet cleaning.  Firstly we completed the vinyl cleaning and sealing using completely green products. One of our technicians based on the Sunshine Coast, was the technician who completed the job. The green products give just as good a result as any other product but without the potential of exacerbating allergies. The vinyl now has a new life and will never have to be stripped back again and will last them for years to come.

A bit later in the year we went back and completed the carpet cleaning.  We cleaned over 2000 sqm of carpet over 3 levels.  We sent two of our most experienced technicians.  This cleaning took 2 full days with the technicians operating two portable RAZORBACK CREED 300 DUAL HEAT SYSTEM’s constantly.  This machine has an amazing dual heat system and is the only Australian made portable machine.  The carpets had a fair amount of wear and stains and the green products worked just as well as any other chemical we could have used.

To say the least, the firm was ecstatic with the results we achieved especially using the green products.  We are now in discussions to put them on a maintenance plan to maintain the life of the hard floor and carpets.

If you have any questions about our Responsible Care Range or about how our green products work, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 00 1010.