Crime Scene Cleaning

In situations where a crime scene has occurred in a home, the police, forensics and crime scene investigators carry out a number of crime solving tasks in the affected area.

In extreme cases, residents may even be asked to evacuate the house for a few days . The crime scene needs to be checked for finger prints, blood samples and several other aspects that may lead to the criminals or explain how the crime occurred. Forensics use special chemicals in liquid and powder form to obtain finger prints.

Once the crime scene investigation is complete, using an experienced and professional crime scene cleaning service such as All Aces’ provides is essential towards getting back to as normal life as possible in the affected property. All Aces Cleaning & Restoration offers the finest crime scene cleaning services in Queensland.

We have a history of completing projects that may seem impossible to others. The services we offer are qualified through the American Bio Recovery Association and Jena Dyco International. Blood stains, false odour, chemical stains, and everything that recalls the crime can easily be cleaned up by All Aces Cleaning & Restoration.

Photo of blood stain on floor

Blood stains are one of the hardest stains to remove.

Blood from an unhealthy individual can also cause various infections and acts as a breeding ground for micro-organisms, which means all traces of blood must be effectively removed from the crime scene. All Aces has the latest equipment for efficiently cleaning stains from rugs, carpets, hard surfaces, upholstery etc. The disinfectants used by us don’t have any side effects and residents will enjoy a healthy environment once the cleaning process is complete.

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