Why Us?

Why Us? 

Far from just being the new kids on the block, AllAces is your best professional one-stop shop for all things cleaning and restoration. Our services are specialised in professional mould removal, water and fire damage restorations, odour remediation and so much more. 

With over 30 years in the industry, we have grown into one of the most trusted cleaning and restoration companies in Australia, with operations spanning Southeast Queensland, Northern NSW and Sydney. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1988, AllAces remains Australian-owned and true to its focus on customer service and exceptional outcomes in every job it undertakes. 

Catering to government, institutional, commercial, and domestic spheres, we cover a wide range of specialist cleaning and restoration services – ranging from the small to the large and complex – no job is too hard. From our Sydney mould removal services to our Brisbane fire damage remediation services and so much more, we have the capabilities to serve all our clients to their specific needs and requirements.  


When dealing with mould outbreaks, it can be extremely difficult to prevent them from spreading and coming back because mould spreads through tiny mould spores. These mould spores are released into the air as soon as the mould is agitated. Whether it be through a material touching the surface of mould or water droplets pushing the spores into the air, it can make mould removal particularly challenging. What’s worse is that these spores can adversely affect individuals and their health through breathing and/or eye irritation. If you suspect mould growing in your house, it’s best to call a professional mould cleaning service such as AllAces because we will ensure that your property is rid of mould and the source of its cause. What most people don’t realise is that since mould likes to grow and spread in areas where there is over 60% humidity, even if an area has mould removed, it can easily come back in the nearby future. By using IICRC cleaning techniques, our professional mould cleaners can contain the spread of mould, remediate it then maintain a drier humidity in the affected area so that you can relax knowing mould has no chance of reappearing on your surfaces. If the mould has developed a foul odour, our cleaning technicians will come in and use air scrubbing techniques and tools such as hydroxyl generators to help eliminate these smells. If you would like to learn more about how our hydroxyl generators can help you, have a read here.  

We also offer more information about our mould remediation services here. 

Our professional mould cleaning services are specialised not only in Queensland, but we also cater to Sydney mould cleaning inquiries as well. Using the same IICRC accredited mould cleaning techniques, our team offers a top-down Sydney mould inspection along with professional mould cleaning as part of our package. If you live in New South Wales, check out our Sydney mould removal page here. Let us know if you need an inspection or cleaning and we can connect you to our nearest technician right away. 

Water Damage 

If you’ve recently experienced heavy rains, floodings or have a leak that causes significant water damage, you may require professional water damage restoration services. At AllAces, we specialise in water damage remediation and removal. We understand that since water damage has naturally corrosive qualities, it must be treated with the utmost care. There is a risk it will not only challenge the structural integrity of your property but can also cause permanent damage to certain items. It is best to act quickly if you notice water damage in your home because our professional services will be able to save more of an affected area/item in contrast to allowing the water to corrode your affected items/surfaces. Our process for water damage remediation is to firstly ensure an area is dried up of moisture by keeping a dry standard of all affected areas. We will then use the best industry-accredited cleaning techniques and tools available to salvage/restore any damaged items you may have. If some items cannot be restored, we will remove those from your premises, so that they cannot pose any risk to you or your health.  

Another major issue with water damage is that it allows for the spread of mould. By using our services, you can be assured we will always take care of making sure an area is mould free and dehumidified to prevent future growth. 

Just recently, the floods in Brisbane and in Sydney have kept us very occupied with mould remediation jobs. We understand that if an area is prone to flooding it can be difficult to deal with incoming mould growth. If you require a Brisbane or Sydney mould removal, inspection or even water damage restoration project, we are the company for you.  

If you would like to read more about our water damage restoration services, have a read here. 

Fire damage 

Fire damage is like water damage in that it naturally corrodes and destroys items, materials and surfaces. At AllAces, we understand that fire damage can cause major safety issues for you, your tenants and any friends/family on the premises. Our commitment is to ensure these safety issues are addressed by restoring as much as we can and removing all non-salvageable items. As fire damage can challenge the structural integrity of your property, we will usually work with builders and plumbers to get your building back to its best shape.  

Smoke, like mould spores, can adversely affect your health, so we also take care to purify the air through different air scrubbing and purifying techniques. Once we are confident your property is habitable again, we will confirm our results with you so that you can rest assured knowing you are safe in your home from issues caused by fire damage. 

If you would like to read more about our smoke and fire damage restoration services, have a read here. 


As mentioned previously, fire, water, smoke and mould can all be major causes of foul odours infesting your home. Therefore, we will always confirm what your concerns are exactly before fully restoring an area. Once we get a clear idea of what types of odours and materials we need to clean, we will solve these issues as best we can through industry-accredited cleaning techniques and tools. We are also fully capable of cleaning vehicles, rugs and more from odours caused by pets, spoiled food and more. Please have a read here for more information about our odour remediation services. 

While we offer many more services, these main services define AllAces as an industry-leading cleaning and restorations company. Let us know if you would like our help with any issues, you may be experiencing today, and we will connect you with our nearest cleaning and restorations technician. We can perform inspections, fully detailed reports and professional cleaning services upon request. Reach out to our team by making an inquiry at the bottom of the page, we are available 24/7! 


“How much does a mould remediation cost?” 

Depending on the severity of the mould and your location, we can determine the scope and cost of the job. Let our team know today if you are experiencing a mould outbreak and we can send a technician to inspect your issues before we perform a full top-down cleaning and restoration project. 

If you are can visibly see mould in your home, please send us photos and we can give you a rough estimate based on your location. Our services are offered in Queensland and NSW, and we are available to chat 24/7 for all your professional mould cleaning service inquiries.  

Our team who specialises in our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal service locations are always ready to assist your every need. 

“Is there a difference between mould cleaning and restoration?” 

While most people may associate restoration with building construction or museum restorations, AllAces offers restoration services to give you a deep and high-quality clean by way of UV-C lights which kill spores and bacteria from surfaces and penetrates even fabrics from mould spores and other surface contaminants. What we mean by restoration is to fully remediate an area till it is free from any further issues. Have a read here about the differences between cleaning and restoration projects. 

“If my house has just had a fire, am I in danger of the building collapsing?” 

Fire damage is known to cause structural damage to buildings, so if you are in immediate danger. Call 000. Otherwise, it might be beneficial to call a professional cleaning and restorations company like AllAces to fully understand what areas of your property have been damaged including structural areas.

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