Why We Use Hydroxyl Generators-What are they?

Why We Use Hydroxyl Generators-What are they?

When cleaning up a specific area, you’d want all surfaces to be dealt with right? Unfortunately, with simple hand scrubbing techniques, achieving this may be extremely difficult if not impossible as some surfaces are too difficult to reach. Take an office printer for example, while its outer surface may be easy to wipe from any visible dirt, there can be plenty of mini harmful particles and bacteria hiding within its inner cracks and crevices. This is where a new airborne cleaning technique is required to remediate these issues. 

To deal with tough-to-reach surfaces and hard contaminants such as mould, viruses, or certain bacteria, AllAces employs the use of special naturally occurring particles called, “Hydroxyls.” What are hydroxyls you may be wondering? Well, often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Broom,” hydroxyl particles are microscopic particles that eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from the air. It naturally occurs when UV rays react with water in the air which makes hydroxyl radicals.  

These particles are employed through mechanical means by way of Odorox hydroxyl generators. These generators replicate the natural process by using water and UV rays to release hydroxyls all over a specific area. With an eco-friendly, FDA-approved design, Odorox hydroxyl generator features include eliminating bad odours, surface & airborne contaminants, decontaminating surfaces and purifying air quality. What’s more is that it allows for the hydroxyls to penetrate tough-to-reach surfaces such as fabrics, porous, and non-porous materials to destroy viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew and other odours.  

Originally used by Nasa to clean their space station of bad odours and diseases, hydroxyl generators prove to be a handy tool when completely remediating areas that have been affected by mould. It ensures that the mould spores are not only killed but are also fully destroyed so that they cannot spread anywhere else around your property. By converting ambient moisture in the air to atmospheric hydroxyl radicals, these generators can effectively rid any space which previously may have been deemed too hard to clean. 

By replicating the sun’s broad range of UV radiation, hydroxyl generators can help naturally clean indoor environments where airborne droplets could spread a variety of germs. That’s why they are currently being used in classrooms, locker rooms, nurse’s offices, and other places in a school where people need to be kept safe. Their practicality is unmatched as they can thoroughly clean an environment, making the air purified of harmful particles and viruses. Another major reason hydroxyl generators are ideal for an indoor setting is because of the ease with which they can be operated. Administrators and maintenance staff do not have to have an engineering degree to make sure a generator is doing its job. It is designed to simply be plugged in, turned on, and given time to do the work. 

The hydroxyls inactivate up to 99.9999 per cent of pathogenic airborne viruses and bacteria and simultaneously reduce the bio-load on surfaces. This makes them great for mould removal projects as they can remove mould from clothing, walls, and porous and non-porous surfaces. As mould spreads through microscopic spores, it can make its removal particularly challenging because you would not even realise all the new surfaces it has latched itself onto. Therefore, hydroxyls are effective because they can eliminate spores that can go unseen to the naked eye.  

Why Us? 

At AllAces, we employ the use of IICRC standard techniques to best help you achieve the cleaning and remediation results you deserve! With over 30 years of industry experience, our fully trained technicians are well-equipped to cater to your every need. Whether you require cleaning mould off your ceiling, walls or fabrics or just need air purified of harmful particles and pathogens, rest assured that we have the tools to solve these issues! 

Let us know if you suspect mould, viruses or harmful pathogens in your property today, and we can get you connected to our nearest cleaning technician for an inspection. Afterwhich, we can use our hydroxyl generators to purify your air quality making it easier for you to relax knowing there will be no remaining pathogens that may harm you or your tenants, friends or family. It is best to consider a professional mould cleaning service because we will not only ensure your property is rid of any current mould, but we will also ensure that your mould outbreak is fully contained and cannot return for some time. At AllAces, we are cleaning technicians, which means that we will take time and care to fix not only the issue at hand but also fully deal with its source. To learn more about our mould cleaning services and inspection packages, have a read here. 

Whether your mould outbreak is in Queensland or New South Wales, we offer both Brisbane and Sydney mould inspection and removal packages tailored to your needs! Whether you need a small area remediated or a large one, our team of professional mould cleaners can come in and use hydroxyl generators to eliminate mould from all affected surfaces! 

If you live in New South Wales, check out our Sydney mould removal services page here 

We offer the same IICRC-accredited cleaning techniques through our Sydney mould removal and inspection packages as we do for our Brisbane packages. Our team is always capable of servicing your every need, so if you would like to see more information about our contact information, please have a read here. 


“Can hydroxyl particles eliminate awful odours?” 

Ans. They most certainly can, hydroxyl particles are amazing in that they deal with all sorts of microscopic materials and particles.  

“How much would a mould removal service cost?” 

Ans.  Our prices for our mould removal services are dependent upon the severity of your mould and your suburb location. Since we offer our services in both New South Wales and Queensland, it is not hard for us to gauge a rough cost estimate for instance if you live in Sydney and require our Sydney mould removal services. Depending on how close you are to our factory in Chatswood, we can get a cleaning technician to service you right away! We offer packages that include inspections and moisture readings before we clean and remediate an area, this is to ensure that you are kept aware of current and future issues we will be working towards preventing. 

“When would AllAces use a hydroxyl generator?” 

Ans. AllAces uses hydroxyl generators to ensure an area is fully remediated. We tend to use them if we feel an area is prone to having harmful bacteria, viruses and/or particles in the air or if we need to clean hard-to-reach areas where mould has grown.  

“When is AllAces available for further discussion about hydroxyl particles and all its cleaning services?” 

Ans. Our team is ready to answer all your questions 24/7! So do not hesitate reaching out to us whenever you have any questions or suspicions about your property having any cleaning and restoration issues. If you require an immediate quote, send us pictures of where mould has affected your home and we can advise you of costs based on your location. Our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal service locations are always ready to cater to all your enquiries and needs. 

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