Attention! All Property Managers…

Attention! All Property Managers… 

Fire/Smoke, Water, Mould, Meth, Hoarding 

Are you in need of a top-down professional cleaning service? Whether you have issues with fire/water damage, mould infestations, methamphetamine residue, or hoarding issues, we are your leading experts in all these major cleaning services and more! At AllAces, we understand cleaning services for houses are always to be taken with caution and professionalism. Whether you require a bond cleaning, full decontamination, or just require general maintenance, our services cater to all property managers over QLD and NSW. 

Main Services: 

Professional fire and smoke cleaning services are extremely beneficial as property foundations may be compromised. These risks make general cleanings potentially very dangerous for all property inhabitants. It’s best to book an inspection to find where the fire has affected the property and if any areas of your house or unit have been compromised before engaging with material removal. Once our professional fire and smoke clean-up team has deemed an area to be safe, they will begin by removing all non-salvageable goods from the area as not to create any cleaning obstructions. The next step would be to use remove/clean all fire residue and odours present within the property. This is done through careful scrubbing, spraying and using hydroxyl generators to remove harmful particles present in the air and to eliminate bacteria which may be present on material surfaces. 

Have a read here for more information about our fire and smoke clean-up services. 

Much like fire damage clean-ups, professional water damage clean-ups require a similar process as water is naturally corrosive on whatever material it is on. At AllAces, we use a dry standard to calculate how much cleaning equipment and time we require to fully remediate an area of a property. The inspection process remains mostly standard to other inspection bookings in that we provide a full set of recommendations and more before offering a full clean-up solution.  

A major issue with water damage is that it can introduce mould through high levels of humidity on material surfaces. 

Arguably our most popular service, our mould cleaners are more than ready to service you and all your mould needs. We have experience in cleaning large commercial buildings such as libraries, hospitals, and more along with smaller domestic homes with their mould issues. Our process begins through a thorough inspection, then a full-top down mould containment procedure to keep the mould from spreading any further in your house prior and during the decontamination process. Our mould cleaeners will then use hydroxyl generators and scrubs/cleaning chemicals to fully eliminate mould, its spores and any unpleasant odours produced in the air. If you are worried about any mould infestations within your property, have a chat with our team today through the enquiry box below and we will connect you with our nearest technician(s). We can offer professional property mould cleaning services to nearly all areas in Brisbane, Sydney and their outter suburbs. 

Have a read here for the information about our mould inspection and remediation services here. 

 For information about our Sydney mould removal services, have a read here. 

At AllAces, we offer multiple types of methamphetamine tests and decontamination services. We understand that you may want a private testing so as not to have this information spread, we offer discrete methamphetamine testing along with field and lab options. Have a read here for all the information about our methamphetamine testing types as different degrees of suspicion require various levels of testing to prevent overspending. Our methamphetamine clean-up services are also offered separately and follow government standards/regulation for maintaining a safe clean-up standard. Here is a full rundown of our professional methamphetamine clean-up services. 

AllAces offers clean-ups and reorganisation services for hoarders and anyone who requires a cleaning revamp of their property. We understand that letting go of materials can be difficult and if left alone for too long can turn into an uncleanable mess. When it comes to professional hoarding clean-ups, we make sure to gain your full consent when we carefully clean and remediate the property.  


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