Meth Contamination – Property Testing

Short Summary: Meth Testing-The differences between instant, composite and discrete tests. 

Which one is right for you? How can we help? While there are several types of meth contamination tests available, choosing the right one could save you a significant amount of time, money and energy. Instant tests for example, may immediately tell you whether meth is present or not, but it won’t provide any deeper information about the concentration or strength of the contamination.   

This article provides an in-depth analysis on the types of factors that should be taken into consideration before choosing a meth contamination test as All Aces is committed to providing the best advice and results through trusted professionals with years of experience. The types of tests discussed are: 

  • Level 1: Instant Tests 
  • Level 2: Composite Tests (Field & Lab) 
  • Level 3: Discrete Tests 

So, you suspect that there is meth contamination in your property? 

The consumption of methamphetamine is becoming increasingly widespread. Even at low levels, meth residue in a property or vehicle can lead to the accumulation of harmful toxins on surfaces and contents. The residue can last for years after being deposited leading to short and long-term health effects that range from serious headaches and allergic responses to unexplained rashes, respiratory complications, and psychological disorders. 

What can you do? Where do you start? Who do you call? 

There are several reasons a property might become contaminated by meth residue. Terrible tenants in rentals and Airbnbs, deceitful dealings with preowned homes or vehicles, break-ins, out-of-control parties, disgruntled employees – we have heard the lot. 

If you suspect that there is a potential meth contamination in your property, there is one very clear first step. Confirm if your suspicions are correct and get your property tested. 

Read on to find recommendations from the professionals about what you need to look for when getting your property tested for meth residue. The right advice at the start of the process can save substantial time and money in bringing your property back to a safe standard. 

Meth testing

There are a number of meth testing options available. It is important to find the right meth testing approach for your circumstances, from simple pre-purchase instant tests, through to detailed pre and post remediation assessments.  

Our meth testing and inspection technicians are NIOSH9111 accredited and provide objective and professional advice and analysis – helping to give you the best advice for the most effective outcome. 

Level 1: Instant Tests

When should you use an instant meth test?

An instant meth test is similar to a pregnancy test or RAT. The results will give you the confidence you need to get a more sophisticated assessment. 

We recommend using the instant test method if you have a small suspicion of meth use in your vehicle or property. They are inexpensive so it can be a valuable initiative to take for any pre-owned asset.  

What can an instant meth test tell you?

An instant test can only tell you if meth residue is present or not. It will not indicate where the residue is concentrated or its strength. You will always need to do further testing if an instant test comes back positive.  

How soon will you know the results of an instant meth test?

As the name suggests, the results are instant; you will have answers immediately. 

Level 2: Field Composites + Lab Composites

When should you use a Composite meth test?

There are two types of a composite meth tests, field composites and lab composites.  

We do not recommend field composites for homes or other buildings at All Aces; we will only use them in vehicles because they have a small interior. While field composites are initially less expensive, they can lead to higher costs if you do, in fact, have a serious meth contamination. To expand on this, we must first supply a simplified explanation of the testing process for each. Please see below: 

Field composites – Up to 10 samples are taken from the property in questions. The swabs are all placed in the same bag and sent to the lab for testing. The swabs are used to find an average level of contamination for your property. 

Lab Composites – As in the field composite, your property is tested with up to 10 samples. Instead of combing them, they are labelled and sent to the lab in separate containers. The results are still given as a single reading for the overall level of meth contamination; however, the individual swabs remain separate. This is an important distinction to make. 

Field composites are a gamble. They are the cheaper of the two options; however, if the results indicate a level of contamination above the safety threshold, you will need to undergo a level 3 test. This is because field composites average the total of all swabs. Unfortunately, where dangerous levels of contamination exist, you need to know the unique contamination rating for each section of the original 10 swab analysis. 

Lab composites keep their 10 swabs separate from the onset, making it far easier and more cost effective than the alternative. While an extra cost is incurred for a follow-up test, it is typically nowhere near the fee of a level three test. Despite the benefits of lab composites, there are some companies that do not recommend them over field composites because their initial cost is higher. You will need to balance the costs with the weight of your suspicions.  

What can a composite meth test tell you?

Composite meth tests will give you an average contamination rating based on an analysis of up to 10 samples. 

How soon will you know the results of a composite meth test?

Usually, 3-5 days. 

Level 3: Discrete Tests

When should you use a discrete meth test?

A discrete test should be used when you are confident that your property is contaminated above the acceptable threshold.   

What can a discrete meth test tell you?

Individual Sample results inform us how contaminated each area is in detail. These insights help us plan for accurate remediation and quoting of costs. 

How soon will you know the results of a discrete meth test?

Usually, 3-5 days. 


Choosing the right meth test can save you time and money

To reiterate the opening statement of this article, getting a meth test is the clear first step if you suspect contamination on our property. Ask lots of questions to help you figure out if you need a meth test and what type to get if you do.  

Do not hesitate to contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 for advice, booking a test, or organising a meth decontamination. 

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