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Mould Removal FAQs:


Are Mould Spores Airborne?

Ever wondered why your allergies may be flaring up? Or are having more breathing issues lately? If so, it may just come from mould spores in the air! You heard that right, unfortunately mould spores are released in the air and are microscopic making them extremely easy to inhale or spread around your property unknowingly.  

AllAces’ mould removal Sydney and Brisbane mould removal teams have plenty of experience dealing with these types of issues.

When do mould spores become airborne?

  1. Mould spores become airborne as soon as the surface of mould is agitated. This can come from anything as common as a gust of wind or an object rubbing on top of the mould-affected object. This process of releasing mould spores in the air can cause them to land on all types of new surfaces. Before you know it, you may develop mould on ceiling issues or have it growing in other hard-to-reach areas. Investing in a professional mould removal service can be extremely beneficial for you as you will then be able to not only deal with visible mould but you will also be able to remove microscopic mould spores from your property.

How do you clean something you can’t see?

  1. Mould removal processes require specific tools and equipment to fully get a job done. Most professional Brisbane and Sydney mould removal services are able to use chemicals, sealants and other professional equipment to fully locate and contain mould spores from spreading. If you are wondering why I specifically mentioned Brisbane and Sydney as the two main cities which are more than capable of handling mould issues, it’s because they are highly populated parts of Australia making demand for their services quite high. Our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal services in particular offer a specific cleaning technique for mould spores by way of hydroxyl generators which can fully eliminate harmful particles from the air.

Want to know more about these hydroxyl generators? Have a read here 

What are the health implications mould spores bring?

  1. Mould spores are a key cause for allergies, eye irritations and more. As mould affects individuals in diverse ways, so its full effects cannot always be known, but what is certain is that mould spores cause breathing issues along with discomfort and should immediately be dealt with once noticed. Mould removal must be done in a way that agitating the surface of the mould with wiping or spraying does not release the mould spores back in the air causing more health implications to you and your tenants. 

(Side note: common myth-bleaching mould does not fully eradicate mould, it simply changes its colouration. Even when the mould is “dead,” it can still release mould spores back into the air causing the same allergic reactions as “active” mould spores.) 

Can I get sick from removing mould?

  1. Yes, mould spores can cause you to get sickness symptoms such as hay fever, runny nose, or breathing issues. You may catch other symptoms along with coughing or a cold if exposed for extended periods of time.

How to deal with mould-Our best advice 

  1. Mould is best dealt with through sunlight, sufficient airflow, and maintaining a non-humid environment.

Why AllAces? 

  1. AllAces offers professional, genuine and reliable services. Our technicians are all IICRC-accredited and are prepared to handle any level of mould issues you may have.

If you are in Sydney, have a look at our Sydney mould removal services here.

If you live in Brisbane, more information about our mould inspection and remediation services are here.

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