Cleaning Mould in Bathrooms: Mould on Ceiling, Fan and Pipe Issues?  

Cleaning Mould in Bathrooms. Mould on Ceiling, Fan and Pipe Issues?  

Mould can grow in all sorts of places… where there is an environment that lacks sunlight and has a humidity level of over 60%. This makes bathrooms the perfect breeding ground for this type of fungi! As mould requires damp areas to thrive, this makes bathrooms an ideal place for them to spread and expand their size. 

From bathroom fans, ceilings or even pipes, mould can latch onto all types of surfaces within 24-48 hours if you are not careful in maintaining the air quality of your bathroom. 

The types of surfaces mentioned are all challenging for mould cleaners to deal with for multiple reasons. Let’s start with bathroom fans. When was the last time you cleaned a fan? Fans tend to become quite dirty because people do not mind them before they get covered in dust, particles or mould spores that latch onto them. A common assumption is that the fan will cause wind creates to clean itself regularly. This cannot be farther from the truth as it cannot have wind around it constantly otherwise your electricity bill would skyrocket! What’s more is that since mould spores are microscopic, they can latch onto most surfaces and become strong enough to resist the movement of fans when they get larger. This presents an interesting challenge to most mould cleaners because they must use strong chemical solutions to completely get rid of mould from sticking on the fan. 

Mould on ceiling issues are another particularly difficult type of cleaning to deal with in bathrooms because reaching a ceiling would usually require a ladder. A quick solution to this problem is using hydroxyl particles or a fogger which can deactivate the mould no matter where it is located. Mould on ceiling issues need to be taken seriously as they usually are allowed to grow and fester until they make the air quality feel “stuffy” and may even cause allergic reactions with some individuals.  

Like mould on ceiling issues, mould growing in bathroom pipes can be an incredibly challenging cleaning ordeal because pipes inside walls are not so easily reached. Thankfully,  AllAces’ professional mould removal Sydney and Brisbane services can employ the thorough use of hydroxyl generators which can penetrate porous materials and reach the smallest cracks by way of UV technology. If you want to learn more about or hydroxyl generators and why we use them, have a read here 

Why AllAces 

AllAces has been trusted since 1988 to deal with all sorts of professional-level cleaning issues. We particularly specialise in mould remediation as our mould cleaners are all IICRC certified and are ready to address all your mould needs. Whether you have bathroom mould on ceiling issues, or just mould growing in an area of your house which you need fixed, our mould removal Sydney and Brisbane service teams are ready to answer all your questions and book you into an inspection today! 

Our Mould cleaning Sydney and Brisbane services are located as follows: 

Mould Cleaning Sydney Services location: 

212/354 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood, NSW 2067 

Mould Cleaning Brisbane Services location: 

4/8 Ives Street, Murarrie, QLD 4172 

Don’t hesitate reaching out to our team as we are available 24/7! 


Where do your mould cleaners operate within Sydney? 

Ans. Our mould cleaning Sydney services are offered all around the CBD, inner and outter suburb areas of Sydney.  

Do your mould cleaners deal with upholstery fabrics? 

Ans. Yes, our mould cleaners are capable at remediating materials which are porous or non-porous without damaging the surface of the mould affected item. 

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