Hoarding, Squalor and Squatter Clean Up 

Hoarding, Squalor and Squatter Clean Up

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we understand the urgency of a hoarding, squalor, or squatting cleanup. Hoarding, Squalor, and squatting can occur in both residential and commercial properties and can be a serious issue if not addressed quickly and efficiently. At AllAces we provide fast, effective, and qualified hoarding, squalor, and squatting cleanup services.  

The Dangers of Squatter, Hoarding and Squalor Cleanup 

Hoarding and squalor can cause significant external and internal damage to your property requiring an extensive cleanup. Damage can be caused throughout a property including walls, flooring, and ventilation, resulting in costly repairs. An extreme number of possessions, rubbish and hazardous waste can build up over time. If not addressed, damage to the property can worsen, resulting in costly restoration work and a decrease in property value. 

Health and Safety 

Hoarding, squalor, and squatters can also endanger the health and safety of property owners, other occupants, and themselves. The mass amount of items from hoarding can cause structural damage due to the overall weight within a property. Hoarding will also create fire hazards with blocked exits and hallways.  

Squalor and squatters can attract pests, causing infestations and the risk of diseases. Rotting food, animal and human waste, soiling, rubbish, and bad odours will build up over an extended period and seriously threaten the health of occupants. It is critical to hire hoarding, squalor and squatter cleanup professionals in these severe conditions.  

Legal Implications 

Another reason for immediate hoarding, squalor or squatter cleanup is to avoid legal ramifications. Hoarding behaviours and living in squalor can be cause for eviction when renting. In some cases, child safety officers or social workers will be contacted regarding the living conditions of children.  Squatting is illegal, with property owners and managers entitled to take action to remove occupants immediately.   

Why hire professionals? 

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration our hoarding, squalor or squatter cleanup services will always start with a detailed understanding of the scope of works. We speak to all available stakeholders, review photos, and attend site to help develop a clear understanding of what work needs to be carried out.  

A typical hoarding and/or squalor job will see our technicians engage in a selection of the following activities:  

  • A walk through with the site contact to determine what contents are to be removed and discarded.  
  • All negotiated furniture, fixtures and appliance will be stripped from the house and removed for either remediation or disposal.  
  • Carpet and window furnishings will be either removed or decontaminated.  
  • A thorough sanitisation of the property will be carried out to ensure it is safe for inhabitants to return to.  
  • An odour and/or mould remediation will be conducted, if necessary  
  • A final walk through is conducted with the initial site contact for sign-off.  

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Urgent action is required with severe hoarding, squalor or squatter cleanup. It is critical for avoiding property damage, protecting health and safety, avoiding legal complications, and preventing ongoing issues. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient hoarder, squalor or squatter cleanup at AllAces and are here to assist property owners in taking action to protect their investments.  If you are struggling with hoarding, squalor, or squatters at your property, please contact us right away to find out how we can assist you on 1800 00 10 10.  


What is hoarding? 

Hoarding is a behavioural disorder characterised by the persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value, leading to cluttered living spaces and impaired daily functioning. 

What is squalor? 

Squalor refers to a state of extreme filth and uncleanliness, often resulting from neglect or poverty. It can be characterised by unsanitary living conditions, excessive clutter, and the accumulation of garbage and debris. 

What is squatting?  

Squatting is the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied building or land without legal permission. It is often done as a means of housing or as a political statement. Squatters may face legal consequences if discovered by property owners or law enforcement. 

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