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Hoarding & Squalor Cleaning in Melbourne


Hoarder cleaning in Melbourne can be a complex and emotional process, but our team of trained professionals is here to help. We at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration have years of expertise in helping clients that require our all-inclusive hoarding and squalor clean-up services.

Hoarder clean-up in Melbourne is crucial for improving the quality of life for individuals struggling with hoarding behaviour. Significant health concerns exist for those who live or work in squalor and hoarding environments, including those who are directly affected. Social workers, family members, and friends all experience stress, which makes some situations more poisonous and volatile.

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offers an effective, prompt, and discrete hoarding and squalor service in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and now Melbourne. They are capable of cleaning even the most disorganised hoarding situations. In collaboration with you and other interested parties, our IICRC-trained professionals will endeavour to make squalid homes and workplaces once more inhabitable. No of the situation, AllAces is here to help you regain your space.

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While not always mutually exclusive, hoarding and squalor are two distinct sects and require a slight variance in process and procedure: 


 Hoarding speaks to the accumulation of an exuberant number of items. Occupants find it extremely difficult to part with their possessions and so their collection of material goods increases beyond a functional level. 


Squalor refers to an amassing of filth, rather than physical items. Rotting food, animal and human waste, soiling, rubbish and bad odours build up over an extended period and seriously threaten the health of occupants.  


A thorough knowledge of the scope of work is the first step in any of our hoarding and squalor restoration services. We consult with all relevant parties, look through images, and visit the site to better understand the work that has to be done. Our professionals will do a number of the following tasks during a normal hoarding and/or squalor job:

  • A tour of the area with the site contact to decide what materials should be taken out and thrown away.
  • The agreed-upon furnishings, fixtures, and appliances will all be taken out of the home and either repaired or disposed of.
  • We will either remove the carpet and window furnishings or disinfect them.
  • The home will be thoroughly sanitised to make sure it is safe for occupants to return to.
  • If necessary, odour and/or mould remediation will be done.
  • With the first site contact present, a final walkthrough is undertaken to obtain sign-off.


Why Engage a Professional?

The best course of action when addressing hoarding and squalor issues is to engage expert assistance. It is the only method to guarantee that the procedure is carried out to the highest standard. Remediation of squalor and hoarding is often a physically and emotionally taxing task. Professional service providers, like AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced, and they can produce amazing results when you need them most.

With a commitment to the highest standards and a track record of success, we are the best choice for hoarding cleaning services in Melbourne. If you’re in need of reliable hoarding cleaners in Melbourne, look no further than the team at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration.


Compassionate, genuine and professional, we offer an all-inclusive service that will return the dwelling back to a livable, enjoyable standard. Greatly improving quality of life, our services can be highly tailored to your needs.

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