How Hoarding Cleaners Can Improve Community Health?

Impact of hoarding and how hoarding cleaners can help improve your community health: 

In most cases, hoarding can go unnoticed for years with little disruption to the outside world. This is due to the occupants of these properties avoiding visitors and the mass number of items hidden inside the property. Unfortunately, serve cases can start to impede on the outside community and the overall health and safety of surrounding individuals. When this happens a hoarder cleaning service will be required with professionally trained hoarder cleaners.  

What is hoarding? 

Hoarding behaviour is an ongoing issue of throwing away possessions as it is believed they need to be kept. Hoarding creates extremely cramped living spaces with narrow hallways weaving through the clutter. These extreme conditions can be overwhelming to most people without the experience of hoarder cleaners to start things off. Hoarding behaviour will range from mild to severe with symptoms including: 

  • Getting and keeping too many items that you may not have a need for right now and don’t have space for.
  • Ongoing difficulty throwing out or parting with your things, regardless of their actual value.
  • Feeling a need to save these items and being upset by the thought of getting rid of them.
  • Building up clutter to the point where you can’t use rooms.
  • Trying to be perfect and avoiding or delaying decisions.
  • Problems with planning and organizing.

A range of triggers and contributing factors can also affect hoarding behaviour including mental illness, traumatic events, and family history. Therefore, it is not uncommon for professional hoarding cleaners to work alongside mental health experts, social workers, and animal care representatives due to these factors.  

How is hoarding dangerous?  

Hoarding creates many dangers for the occupants of an extremely cluttered property. These risks can include health problems, personal safety, risks to children and dependents, animal safety and possible homelessness.  

The dangers start to extend to the outside community when the hoarding becomes serve, unsanitary and harmful. These risks include: 

  • Fire hazards created inside the property, easily endangering the surrounding community.
  • Water damage with an unreachable source leading to extensive damage.
  • Structural damage from the mass weight of items. Particularly dangerous in apartment buildings. 
  • Infestation of insects and rodents attracted to the hoarding conditions. 
  • Odour omitted from unsanitary hoarding conditions.
  • Health risks caused by proximity to unsanitary conditions and infestations. 

When hoarding reaches this severity professional hoarder cleaning services will be required to safely clean the property.  

Professional hoarder cleaners Sydney has extensive training and experience with AllAces Cleaning and Restoration. Working within the industry for over 30 years, our hoarder cleaners Sydney can support people in need with our comprehensive squalor and hoarder clean up services.  

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Why do I need hoarding cleaners? 

Appreciating the overwhelmingly delicate, and often traumatising, balance needed to navigate such difficult situations, hoarder cleaners Sydney with AllAces are happy to work alongside family members and social workers. It is also not uncommon to include mental health professionals and RSPCA representatives throughout the course of proceedings. Hoarding behaviour is difficult to manage and overcome without the right support. Our hoarder cleaners Sydney can provide that support.  

 Capable of remediating even the most chaotic of hoarding spaces, AllAces provides an efficient, timely and discreet hoarding clean up and squalor service with hoarder cleaners Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne as well as the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Wollongong, and the Blue Mountains.  

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What triggers hoarding behaviour? 

Hoarding can be triggered by many external factors including ongoing mental illness, traumatic events, and family history.  

When is hoarding a problem? 

Hoarding becomes a problem when the hoarding environment creates risks to the occupants. These risks can include fire hazards of blocked exits and hallways, fall hazards, health risks and unsanitary conditions.  

How common is hoarding? 

Hoarding in Australia is said to affect between two and six per cent of the population.   


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