Costs Of Removing Mould

Costs Of Removing Mould 

Mould inspection and remediation packages are vital for professional mould cleaning companies to fully comprehend the effect mould has had on a property or vehicle. By performing an initial inspection over a site, professional mould cleaning companies can develop a clear idea of the processes and cleaning tools needed to remediate a mould issue and its source. Removing mould in this manner makes the process become easier. 

As an industry accredited professional mould cleaning company, AllAces values ensuring your safety and satisfaction every time through providing the highest quality of service available. We ensure this through using IICRC certified technicians and industry standards to maintain a dry standard preventing mould from coming back in the future. Our process begins with sending someone to perform a complete mould inspection to provide you with a complete report of all the potential issues causing your mould growth, and full suggestions for future remediation actions.

We offer:  

-Cleaning mould on ceiling

-Cleaning mould off walls 

-Cleaning mould from bathrooms 

-Removing mould from fabrics 

-And so much more 

From vehicles to all sorts of fabrics, our team of mould cleaners are ready to service all your specialty mould cleaning needs. The cost for removing mould depends on the initial inspection made by our mould cleaners. These inspections start at $220 and will be removed from the final quote once a mould cleaning job has been approved. You can be confident that our mould cleaners will address all mould cleaning issues you may have.  

“How do your mould inspection Sydney and Brisbane services begin?” 

When you confirm your availability with us, our mould removal Sydney or Brisbane team will connect you with our nearest mould cleaners to perform a top-down mould inspection over your property analysing things like moisture, materials affected and air quality among other measures. After we have found where the mould is located, we will provide a fully detailed report to you so that you can let us know how you would like to proceed. 

“What does your mould removal package entail?” 

AllAces’ mould removal Sydney and Brisbane packages include a fully tailored response to the mould issues you may be facing. We use commercial protective equipment for our staff depending on the severity of the mould and the quality of the air, then proceed by directly entrapping the mould to a limited area. This is because mould can easily spread its spores and fly all around your property once its surface has been agitated. When our team is confident that the mould has been contained, then we use chemicals which eliminate mould and its roots to ensure that it cannot come back in the same spot. 

“What happens after you make an initial cleaning?” 

Removing mould can be challenging as mould spores are virtually impossible to see. To address this, our team makes use of hydroxyl generators to clean the air from any harmful bacteria and particles such as mould spores which may be present through UV technology. By using hydroxyl generators, we are able to reach areas otherwise nearly impossible to clean such as cable wires in the back of your wall or mould on ceiling growths. Our mould cleaners fully understand the job scope once briefed and will act accordingly to take all measures required to ensure that your property is fully mould free. 

If you are interested in learning more about our hydroxyl generators have a read here. 

Depending on the cause of your mould cleaning issues (ie. Water damage), our team may also employ the use of drying mats that take moisture out of surfaces to prevent mould from finding its way in porous materials. As mould only requires over 60% humidity, a lack of sunlight and airflow to flourish, it should always be treated as a cleaning issue which needs to be dealt with immediately. 

Have a read here for more information about our water damage services. 

“How much do these mould removal services roughly cost?” 

We charge a base rate of $100/hour per technician. This cost can vary based on location, hours and other factors. Have a chat with our friendly team today and they can run you down with a more accurate quote. 

We have the utmost confidence in our staff as our technicians are all IICRC accredited and are ready to service your every mould needs with the best equipment and tools available. Please note that the reason our prices are the way they are is because our technicians go beyond a standard cleaning. We are a commercial graded cleaning company that will solve the key issues and sources causing your mould issues. When you hire us, you are hiring the absolute best! 

Have a read here for more information about our mould inspection and mould remediation packages. 

Professional Mould Removal Locations 

Our factories are located in these areas: 

Chatswood, NSW-Professional mould removal Sydney 

Murrarie, QLD-Professional mould removal Brisbane 

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