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Water Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Operating in Melbourne and its surrounds, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration specialises in effective water damage restoration services for various incidents, including floods and sewage overflows. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering superior service around the clock, ensuring your property is promptly dried, restored, and sanitised.

We also offer a Moisture Inspection & Report service, assessing water infiltration history, moisture levels, mould risk, and providing detailed remediation advice.

For comprehensive support and to safeguard your property, contact us anytime. Our Melbourne-based IICRC-certified technicians are committed to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition, offering you assurance and asset protection.

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For water damage restoration, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration consistently leads the field in knowledge and innovation. We take pride in providing a first-rate service that will leave your property dry and safe. We take special care to address any side effects of water damage, like mould growth and odours.

Our Melbourne water damage restoration solutions extend to a range of clean-up services including: 

  • Wet carpet drying and cleaning,
  • Wood floor drying,
  • Structural drying,
  • Mould remediation and odour removal,
  • Speciality restoration and emergency water damage restoration.

Why Engage a Professional?

Professional water damage restoration specialists should be contacted as soon as possible to properly restore your property after water damage tragedies. DIY water damage restoration can have significant and lasting consequences:

  • Flooded structures can take weeks to dry out without restoration,
  • Standing water can compromise the safety of occupants inside a structure and become a serious health issue if left unresolved, 
  • The foundations of a building can be damaged by rotting and deterioration as a result of water remaining within a structure,
  • Corrosion resulting from water penetration can damage electrical equipment, including wiring and endangering people.

To ensure that all moisture left over from flooding is removed from the area, our trained staff only uses the best and most sophisticated professional extraction and drying tools. Your carpets, floors, subfloors, underlays, walls, skirting boards, furnishings, and ceilings can all be cleaned and restored by us. Mould growth and the accompanying odours can only be stopped if no moisture is left behind.

Contact us for experienced and professional water damage restoration services in Melbourne today! 


What causes water damage?

Water damage in Melbourne can be caused by a variety of reasons, including natural disasters such as floods and storms, leaks from pipes and appliances, and sewage backups. 1) Can be caused by natural disasters like floods and storms. 2) Can also be caused by leaks from pipes and appliances. 3) Can also be caused by sewage backups.

How to prevent water damage in Melbourne?

Preventing water damage in Melbourne can be achieved through a variety of measures, such as regular maintenance and inspection of plumbing systems, fixing leaks as soon as they are noticed, and having proper waterproofing and drainage systems in place.

What are the signs of water damage?

Signs of water damage in Melbourne can include discoloration on walls and ceilings, swelling and warping of wood, and the growth of mould. A musty odour can also indicate the presence of water damage and mould growth.


We offer a responsive, 24-hour service bringing expert knowledge, industry leading equipment and a professional approach that will have your property safe and back to pre-damage condition in minimum time.

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