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Fire Damage Restoration Melbourne

Fire is destructive. We at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration are prepared to assist you in beginning the healing process. We can return you to your space sooner thanks to our commitment to providing thorough fire damage restoration to buildings throughout Brisbane, Sydney, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and now in Melbourne.

Our services are intended to eliminate all harmful soot and residue that has been left behind in fire-damaged buildings. Despite structural damage, we will leave the area in a state that is secure for occupants and prepared for painting. Our fire damage cleanup services in Melbourne will help you reopen for business.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our fire restoration services in Melbourne if you require assistance or want to have a fire damage restoration company available when needed. AllAces Cleaning & Restoration is here to provide a thorough and effective fire damage restoration service after the drama and adrenaline of a fire incident.

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Fire Damage Restoration Melbourne services include:

Immediacy is critical when dealing with fire damage clean-up. Psychological and financial costs aside, fire damage can result in: 

  • Thermal damage, caused by the heat, to the internal structures, fixings, and the contents of the structure. 
  • Permanent smoke damage to exteriors and paint. 
  • Fatigue in metals leading to future breakdown of certain materials and structures.
  • Smoke damage and discolouration to wood, plastics and decorative finishes. 
  • Corrosive contaminants from the heat can damage and attack certain metals, causing immediate damage as well as potential future issues. 

Our IICRC-certified technicians will visit the scene to personally assess the damage’s scope. We next establish a customised fire damage remediation strategy, a work schedule, and anticipated results. To make sure that all of your needs are met, we work together with you. Taking into account the particular circumstances of each case, variations of the following fire damage remediation process are used: 

  • Initial walk-through and visit with site contacts to determine the condition of the property and contents. In this step we seek confirmation that the building is safe for our technicians to access.
  • Removal of non-restorable contents from site. 
  • Carbon filtering air scrubbers are installed to assist in eliminating odours and improving air quality. 
  • Cleansing and sanitisation of restorable ceiling, walls, floor and fixtures. 
  • Cleansing and sanitisation of contents. 
  • Once restoration services have been completed, we conduct another site inspection. 
  • A full suite of odour remediation treatments are available should the property and/or contents require these services. 

Why Engage a Professional?

Residues from fires and smoke are hazardous and pose serious health risks. Only qualified individuals with recognised certifications and the necessary tools can be relied upon to complete the task. Do not use unqualified service providers or attempt to repair fire damage on your own at the expense of your family’s or your co-workers’ safety. Get in touch with AllAces Cleaning & Restoration right away to find workable, long-lasting solutions to your fire damage restoration solutions in Melbourne. 


Is it possible to restore all items damaged by fire in Melbourne?

It is not always possible to restore all items damaged by fire, but many items can be restored with proper cleaning and restoration techniques. A professional fire damage restoration company in Melbourne will assess each item and determine the best course of action.

Am I allowed to clean up fire damage myself in Melbourne?

It is not recommended to clean up fire damage on your own. This is because fire damage can release hazardous materials into the air and cause health problems if not handled properly. A professional fire damage restoration company in Melbourne has the training, equipment, and experience to safely clean up fire damage.

What does fire damage restoration cost in Melbourne?

The cost of fire damage restoration in Melbourne varies depending on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the restoration process. A professional fire damage restoration company will provide an estimate after conducting a thorough assessment of the damage.


With access to industry-leading technologies and equipment, we provide efficient and permanent solutions. Our certified technicians deliver a professional fire damage remediation service that will soon have your fire effected space safe and ready for reuse. Have the fire damage in your home cleaned up and remediated as quickly as possible.

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