Where is Mould Found?

Where is Mould Found? 

“Oh my! How did the dot on the wall turn into a massive splotch that smells awful??” As strange as it seems, mould is quite common in most homes. You can find mould on ceiling surfaces, you can find mould on walls, in cabinets, under rugs or behind sofas! Mould is fascinating as it can really appear anywhere when you least expect it. All mould needs is a high level of humidity or moisture to begin spreading out and growing its presence. This can come from a number of factors such as wet shoes, umbrellas or even a leaking pipe. What’s more tis that once mould latches onto a surface, it can spread its microscopic spores by way of the slightest agitation such a gust of wind or a material touching it. These spores can then make their way to all the corners of your house, and soon you’ll be dealing with mould that is growing rampantly! 

As mentioned, mould can be found nearly anywhere! It can become difficult to keep track of where it’s growing as it’s sometimes not even visible to the eye. This can make removing mould challenging. Here are some examples of where mould can end up and how we deal with them. 

Mould on Ceiling Surfaces: 

Mould on ceiling surfaces can be more challenging to remediate as it’s typically too high for most individuals to reach. When this is the case, mould on ceiling surfaces are usually just left or forgotten for long periods of time which causes excessive growth through mould spores. To reach these areas, most mould cleaners will use chemicals to remediate the surface along with using mould agitation and wiping tools to prevent any more mould spread.  

Mould On Walls 

Mould can appear on the walls in your home! You may have started to notice it when it a musty odour started emanating from a dark blotch on your wall. This type of mould is thankfully one of the most common and is usually not too troublesome to remove. The only thing you need to realise is that mould can easily spread when being wiped on so sealants or other proper PPE’s may be needed to prevent future growth from one area and negative health implications.  

Mould In The Bathroom 

As mould thrives in high humidity areas, so bathrooms make an ideal place for it to expand and grow. This is especially true when the bathroom does not have good air circulation or sunlight. Professional mould removal services will specifically take humidity readings within bathrooms because they are usually at high risk of developing mould easily. 


Why AllAces? 

Professional mould removal services are intended to fully deal with the mould issues you have at hand. At AllAces, we specialise in ensuring that not only is mould removed from your home, we will also use the correct cleaning techniques/equipment so further prevent mould from coming back to your property. 

We service these areas: 

Operating for over 30 years, AllAces has readily expanded its reach throughout Brisbane and Sydney. Our mould removal Brisbane and Sydney services are always available for contact 24/7! 

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Mould Removal Brisbane Services 

Our main professional mould removal services are in Murrarie, Qld. Right near the heart of the city, our team of professional mould cleaners are ready to help inspect, remediate and advise you for all your mould issues. 

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Mould Removal Sydney Services. 

Our mould removal Sydney services are available through contacting our team in Chatswood. Let us know how we can help you today by using the inquiry box below and we can connect you to our nearest technician. 

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