Where Does Mould Hide?

Where Does Mould Hide?  

Mould can end up in the most unlikely of places, as mould spreads through microscopic spores, it tends to grow on all types of surfaces. This can cause problems for tenants and property managers alike as mould can cause the air to feel “stuffy” and corrode the materials it latched onto.  

Most individuals have issues with cleaning mould off ceiling or walls as some parts may require a ladder or have crevices that are hard to reach. This is where professional mould cleaners are recommended as they generally have the right tools and equipment to achieve a high success rate in eliminating all mould and its spores.  

Mould can be troublesome because when you least expect it, it has made its way to the most unlikely of places. As soon as an area has a lack of airflow, sunlight and a humidity level over 60%, mould can grow anywhere. Starting as small spots, mould can quickly cause mould on ceiling issues, wall corrosion, or ruin fabrics on clothes if not dealt with properly.  

It must be remembered that cleaning mould off ceiling or walls must be done in a manner that does not aggravate its surface. This is because when mould’s surface is irritated, it will shoot out spores to try and spread to more areas of a house. The difference between most domestic cleaners and professional mould cleaners is that professional mould cleaners will use the correct techniques such as sealing, drying, and sanding to prevent from spreading mould around the property.  

Whenever treating mould, always use caution as there may be more unseen areas of the house which mould has latched itself onto. While DIY and commonly available mould-killing products can eliminate visible mould, it cannot guarantee that mould will not come back. Only through good practice and gaining a complete environmental understanding can you fully prevent mould from coming back in the future.  

Here are our best tips and tricks to ensuring mould cannot come back to latch itself to all the tiny nooks and crannies of your property. 

  • Have an adequate amount of sunlight 
  • Maintain a good amount of airflow
  • Schedule bi-yearly professional mould inspections if you have an area that is of concern
  • Try to keep moisture out of an area for extended periods of time 

At AllAces, we offer professional mould inspections and remediation packages to help ensure we can solve all your mould issues. Whether you need to remove mould from clothing, walls, or fabrics, our technicians are all more than ready to help serve you today. 

Have a read of our processes here as we use industry-standard tools and training to ensure a job is always done right and to your satisfaction.  

Mould cleaning services offered: 

  • Cleaning mould off walls
  • Cleaning mould off ceiling
  • Cleaning mould off carpets
  • And so much more… 

Where do we serve? 

Our main locations are based in QLD and NSW, so if you require a Brisbane or Sydney mould inspection or removal, let our team know your location and we can send a technician as soon as possible.  


“Is it possible to locate mould on my own?” 

Ans. Unfortunately, our eyes can only see so much, so while it is possible to locate visible mould, it can become incredibly challenging to identify where mould spores have been spread. This is where a professional mould inspection may become beneficial to you. 

“Are your Brisbane and Sydney mould removal teams able to clean on a commercial level?”

Ans. Yes, our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal teams are more than capable of cleaning commercial properties, kitchens, vehicles and more. Chat with our team today and we can send over someone for an inspection to provide you with a proper quotation. The inspection fee gets waived if the job can successfully go through. 

“How long have your cleaning services been available?”

Ans. AllAces has been working with the best IICRC accredited mould cleaners in the industry since 1988! Hardly the new kids on the block, AllAces are always ready to help you with whatever cleaning service you need. 

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