Water Damaged Rugs… what to do when your rugs get wet

Water Damaged Rugs… what to do when your rugs get wet

Rugs can be valuable to people in many different ways – perhaps it is a very expensive rug, or it has been in the family for over 30 years. After a water damage, some of our clients panic and end up doing the wrong things to try and save it. When a rug becomes wet, depending on the fibre and style of the rug you could end up causing more damage than if you left it to the professionals.

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It is best to leave the rug laying flat. Don’t fold it or hang it over the washing line or back porch. Due to the weight in the rug from the water, this can stretch and distort your rug, which in some cases is irreversible. If some rugs have lazy dyes and the colour begins to run, hanging them up can cause the dye to run all down the rug. Woven rugs can curl at the sides as well. This can be fixed by tacking the sides in order to restretch your rug – ask the professionals about this.

With tufted rugs, the latex backing can begin to delaminate if they have been water damage. The primary backing comes away from the secondary backing causing a rippling effect. Again, leave the rug laying flat until you are able to take it to a professional.

The key is getting the rug dry as quickly as possible. At All Aces Services, we have professional rug cleaning facility with a specialised drying room. This facility allows us to speed dry the rugs, either using fans or heat drying equipment.

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