Washing Machine Leaks as Cause of Water Damage

Washing Machine Leaks as the Cause of Water Damage

Residential water damage is often caused by leaks from common household items like washing machines. It is important that these leaks are fixed immediately as if they are not checked and restore right away, they can lead to costly damages. Water leaks can damage your floor, walls, and other valuable items in your home.

The Causes of Washing Machine Leaks

There are many causes of washing machine leaks and overflows. If the machine has not been installed properly, it can cause leaks, therefore it is important that you have the installation checked by a professional. Another common cause for water leaks from washing machines is a loose hose. It is important that you ensure that the hose that is connected from the water source to the washer or from the washer to the drain is firm. Check whether the drain hose correctly lines up with the standpipe drain in the wall or if it is placed properly towards the floor drain. Additionally, you should replace any faulty hoses as they could wear and tear after a few years.

How to Prevent Leaks from Washing Machines

When it comes to washing machines, the most important thing to do is prevent any leaks. One thing you can do is inspect whether the water level switch is working properly. There are occasions when it may fail to perform because of a clogged hose or a small hole in the hose. You should also check if the water inlet valve is working properly or if there is clogging in the standpipe drain of your home. This is to make sure that water is properly controlled and does not result in an overflow.

It is important that you check if the standpipe can control the water being released. The sewer should not be clogged to prevent overflow. You can also prevent leaks by using the correct amount of detergent as too much detergent can result in clogging of the tube. Installing a flood sensor could also help you to instantly determine if there is water on the floor.

What to Do?

When you notice that there is a leak, you should turn off the source of water in your home immediately. You should do this before you attempt to do a plumbing repair.

When there is water damage caused by your washing machine, you will not worry about cleaning up and drying out the affected area alone, but you also need to sanitise to prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and foul odour.

If the water damage covers a large area of your home, you should call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 to perform professional water damage restoration. Water damage like this can be destructive to the structure of your home if not dried properly so it is important to act fast.

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