Timber and Wood Floor Drying

Timber and Wood Floor Drying

The threat of water damage on wooden floor can be serious for many people. Water damage on wood floors can cause your surface to warp and wear out if left untreated. At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration our technicians are trained in IICRC standards and have the equipment to professionally dry these surfaces with ease.

At AllAces we can work with all kinds of wooden floors. This includes surfaces like hallways, structural floors, wood floors that have been laid on top of sub-floors and even wooden basketball courts. Our technicians are experienced in taking care of these surfaces, regardless of how much damage has occurred to them.

Our Equipment

As RIA members, we use wood floor drying equipment that is different to the traditional air movers used by many companies. We use the Injecti-Dry system to treat wooden floors alongside Vac-It panels. This will remove moisture from the wooden floor through the support of these panels.

Drymatic heat drying devices are also used by our technicians. Our technicians have been trained in heat drying and can use Drymatic devices in residential properties. All these devices work carefully to keep every surface protected.

An amazing benefit of our drying technique is that they can be used without the need to sand or seal anything, even if the floors were supped. We work hard to make the process of maintaining these surfaces as easy to handle as possible.

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we are members of the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA), an organisation dedicated to supporting new technologies and procedures in the field of floor care. We will work hard to ensure that all surfaces in the property are fixed as soon as possible so that the risk that comes with a property will not be a serious problem.

So, if you need help with getting your floors dried the right way, look no further. Call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.


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