How to Tell When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

How to Tell When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Having your carpets professionally cleaned not only extends their life but can also make them look great and improve indoor air quality. Having it done regularly makes a huge difference and removes many unseen contaminants. We recommended having a professional clean carried out every 6-12 months. Listed below are some examples of contaminants that can serious damage your carpets.

The Unseen Contaminants Your Carpets Hold:

  • According to the EPA, carpets adsorb odours from secondary sources and re-emit them later. This means that when you paint, apply finish coating, or use chemical cleaners in your home, your carpet adsorbs these odours, holds onto them, and releases them over time.
  • Carpets also become repositories for dust that settles to the bottom and cannot be vacuumed out with domestic vacuum cleaners.
  • Pollen in spring and fall becomes trapped in carpets. Pollen spores have little structures that allow them to cling to the fibres in your carpet, creating problems long after pollen season has passed.
  • Mould spores can also get trapped in your carpet in much the same way. Moisture trapped beneath a carpet can create mould problems.
  • Pesticides and other chemicals may also be tracked into your home and become trapped in your carpet. Many pesticides nowadays are endocrine disruptors that can cause a lot of problems.

Even frequent vacuuming, with a high-end machine that has excellent suctioning ability only removes some of these problems. Without the power of a commercial vacuum cleaner, there is no way to remove the foreign matter that has settled at the bottom of your carpet. Only professional carpet cleaners can remove these contaminants.

Factors That Determine How Often Your Carpet Needs Cleaning:

  • Traffic: The amount of traffic that your carpet sees can be a huge factor in determining how often your carpet needs cleaning.
  • Pets: Household with pets are likely to need cleaning more often. Pets tend have accidents, hairballs and egg laying fleas which results in your carpets needing to be cleaned.
  • Cigarette exposure: Smokers are likely to need more frequent cleaning of their carpets. Most smokers do not realise it, but cigarette smoke sinks deep into carpets, draperies, and furniture.
  • Children: Households that have children are likely to need cleaning more often as they tend to bring in a lot of abrasive dirt that can erode the fibres in your carpet and shorten its lifespan.

Low traffic areas with none of the issues listed above can often go a year between cleans.

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