Structural Drying of Water Damaged Properties

Structural Drying of Water Damaged Properties

Water damage can cause a flood inside your home which make the underlay material, the carpet, the concrete slab, the gyrpock walls and pine frames completely wet. Once they have absorb a high quantity of water, structural drying of your house is necessary.

Structural drying is often required after a flood

With most professional carpet cleaners, water is sucked out, and air movers will dry the underlay and carpet only. Secondary structural damage can still occur; this is a result of the concrete slab absorbing the water. The Gyprock also has a paper lining, and can absorb a great deal of water.

In an area with high humidity levels, mould is bound to form on the gyprock and the back lining of the carpet. Once mould forms, you must replace the carpet. Frames also must be cleaned, and ice blasted or sanded, to get rid of the mould; for all these reasons, drying the structure is very important.

Our highly trained technician can restore your home

Our technicians and our specialised equipment can dry under cupboards, walls, inside the ceiling cavities, and crawl spaces.

It is pivotal to have all the right moisture detecting equipment in place. The Delmhorst Moisture Meter is one of the best available. It has a penetrating, and non-penetrating, hygrometer, and hammer meter; it also has download capabilities.

Restoration Express has introduced the Force 9 axial fan, which has 3700 cubic feet/minute of air, in comparison to 1150, which is what is found with traditional fans. So, drying is completed faster, making your customer happier. The phoenix focus axial fan, which is equivalent to the force 9 fan, producers over 3000 cubic feet/minute, making it more than just a fan.

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