Steam Mops: a Professional Opinion

Steam Mops: A Professional Opinion

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we pride ourselves on the service that we provide for our customers. This includes providing our customers with our professional opinion when asked for. Many of our customers come to us asking about using steam mops to clean and maintain their tiles. Below is some of our professional recommendations for tile cleaning.

Our Professional Opinion on Steam Mop Cleaning

Steam mops simply use water and a drop of eucalyptus oil or vinegar, with no cleaning agents. Unfortunately, this alone cannot clean dirt. Common agents used with steam mops include vinegar, eucalyptus oil, methylated spirits, or even just hot water. These agents will not clean your tiles deeply or properly and may even cause your tiles to become more dirty, tacky and appear with even more stains.

Our Recommendations

At AllAces we recommend avoiding the use of high alkaline products on your tiles – many products from the supermarket are high alkaline products and if you use too much it will leave residue and cause your tiles to re-soil quickly. Using a neutral pH cleaner that has high cleaning power, will do wonders.

Additionally, by agitating the cleaning solution into the grout with a grout brush and then mopping over them will give you the best clean and help maintain your grout, giving you the longest life out of your tiles.

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration offers tile and grout cleaning services with high pressure truck mount power. Call us on 1800 00 1010, where our friendly office staff would be happy to provide you with recommendations for the right products and cleaning techniques.

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