Specialty Drying Equipment

Specialty Drying Equipment

Injecti-Dry Wall and Floor Drying System

Injecti-Dry was formed to develop specialised drying equipment that make it possible to dry out structures more quickly and with less invasive tactics. The aim is to limit the amount of replacement when drying out wet structures when ever possible, while at the same time, keep our environment healthy. The first solution came with the adaptation of a device from the packaging industry, (also used by aquariums to deliver air to fish), called a “regenerative blower”. From a pure physics standpoint, it had all the solutions, as it had the ability to deliver consistent air movement with the pressure needed. The accompanying delivery system did not exist and has been developed as the family of Injecti-Dry Systems, i.e. a system of hoses, connectors, injectors, etc. that are needed to move the air from the compressor to the interior of the structure.

Injecti-Dry HP60 Floor Drying System

Injecti-Dry HP60 Floor Drying SystemsThe HP60 Package is designed specifically for floor and limited ceiling drying. The set-up is extremely quick, easy and efficient for your typical floor drying needs.

Injecti-Dry HP60i Ceiling and Wall Drying System

Injecti-Dry HP60i Ceiling Drying SystemThe HP60i Package is designed specifically for wall drying and ceiling drying using our patented Active Hose line.

Vac-It Panel

Injecti-Dry Vac IT PanelsThe Vac-It Panels will simplify the setup process, and significantly reduce your labor costs. The 30 in. x 46 in. panels are comprised of 8 sections that can be cut into smaller configurations to fit your small space drying needs. Vac-It Panels can be used along with the Vac-It Pak to dry all sorts of wet materials, such as hardwood floors, headers, and plaster walls. Simply tape around the edges of the panels, hook up the tubes and hoses.


Injecti-Dry InterceptorHEPA filter can be set up to process air going into or coming out from beneath cabinets, walls, ceilings and floors. It is important to know that HEPA filters do not make a HEPA system. Only by processing all air negatively, can a HEPA system be achieved. All air is processed before going through the blower in either negative or positive drying modes, thus never contaminating equipment.


Silencer Drying EquipmentThe Silencer is made of ABS plastic and quiets the drying system by about 28%. It takes some of the impeller noise out in addition to attenuating the air rush sound. Attaches to the 2 in. OUT trunk line and sets up in seconds. The Silencer attaches to either the main AIR IN or AIR OUT Hoses.

Water Separator

Water SeparatorThe Water Separator works to protect your HP 60 blower by preventing bulk water from passing through it when drying in a negative mode. It should be used after the initial vacuuming with a truck mount system to capture the remaining water that could be undetected. It will collect bulk water that my be trapped in ceilings, walls, floors, or cabinets that you are drying. It is no ordinary bucket…The Separator has an anti-collapse ring built into it.

Direct-It-In Universal Air Mover Adapter

Direct It In Universal Air Mover AdapterDIRECT-IT IN Universal Air mover Adapter Attaches to any standard air mover for positive use. Best System for drying under cabinets and sets up in minutes. Injectidry’s DIRECT-IT IN, Universal Air mover Adapter is specifically developed to target areas which need high air exchange rates.

Direct ITDirect-It

  • They are suited for areas where you can drill a larger hole
  • The adapters make air mover inventory much more versatile
  • A “must have” for serious contractors!
  • “Universal” means just that! The air collection adapter attaches to almost all standard air movers
  • Easy to set system up in minutes, even without the accompanying manual
  • Replace Fewer Walls, Ceilings, and Hardwoods
  • All Components are Heavy Duty Industrial Quality for Extra Long Life


Adapti DryThe Adaptidry is another example of Injectidry’s specialised drying equipment. It achieves high efficiency by dispersing intense drying power simultaneously to multiple areas around the room. It creates more pressure or vacuum suction within walls and without drilling holes making it more effective than other vent systems. It is also great for drying out sports courts and gymnasiums.

Heat Dryer

Drymatic Heat DryerThe operation is based upon its evaluation of the humidity and temperature of the room to be dried and then operating in the mode that provides maximum drying effect.

Adding controlled heat to the environment speeds up the drying process by promoting evaporation of moisture from the wet structure and contents. Increasing the ambient temperature allows the air to take on a higher water vapour content, which is then removed out of the property.

All Aces Services technicians can set limits that will monitor and adjust the room’s environment, constantly optimising and exchanging the moist air with warm, dry air in a controlled manner to remove odours and ensure a faster, fresher and more efficient drying environment.

It allows the user to tackle any job that may present itself in the field. Whether it be Concrete Floors, Block-work or timber offers a controlled drying climate within the room that enables quick efficient drying removing the threat of damage that other methods or systems may pose to the property.

The heat dryer allows the user to target dry specific areas within a room by using the remote sensors. A ‘dry’ representative sample can be selected as a reference point — this would determine the users ’drying goal’. A sensor placed in the ‘wet’ area will then communicate with the machine and ensure that the drying goal is met.

This data is logged to the data card provided enabling the user to provide the client with accurate drying graphs as evidence that a job is completed to the clients satisfaction. Specialist Dryers can use this information to build up a portfolio of previous jobs. Read more about heat drying.

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