Sewerage Back Up in a Brisbane Property

Sewerage Back Up in a Brisbane Property

Our team at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration received a distressed call from the property manager at a real estate. The manager advised us that the tenants from one of their properties had called them regarding a sewerage back up problem. Faeces and sludge had overflowed and escaped through both the shower drain and toilet on the lower level of the property. This needed urgent attention.

When our technicians arrived at the property for the cleanup it was obvious that both the carpet and concrete floorings had been affected. Below outlines the process that our technicians took to cleanup the area.

Our Process

  1. The area was thoroughly sprayed with anti-microbial solution to ensure the safety of both the tenants and technicians.
  2. The sewage was then extracted using our truck mount machine and a dual action of high-pressure hot water and water extraction which happens simultaneously to remove any standing water and sludge from the area.
  3. Unfortunately, as sewage is a biohazard and hazardous to occupants, the affected carpet needed to be removed and was deemed to be not restorable.
  4. Once the carpet had been removed, our technician sprayed all affected surfaces again with the anti-microbial solution.
  5. A final dual clean with a disinfecting and sanitising solution was carried out.

At AllAces we know when to act fast

When this call reached our office, we knew that it was important for us to act as quickly as possible as this water had been classified as “black water”. Our team at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration follows the S 500 standard, laid out by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Black water is the most hazardous category of water incursion as it contains very high levels of pathogens, bacteria, and potentially lethal contaminants. Because of this, the situation needed to be treated very seriously.

If you find yourself in the need of a sewage clean-up  call our friendly staff at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010.  


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