How to Remove Smell of Urine

How to Remove Smell of Urine

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we understand that urine from animals can result in a massive setback to owners of properties, insurance companies and Real Estates. Unfortunately, fixing urine is not a simple task. At AllAces, we provide a wide range of services and can remove the smell of urine from your house.

We had a call from a major insurance company assessor. They had a client from Eagleby in their premises who had put them in quite the situation. One of the biggest problems in the premises was concerning urine odour. They were concerned because even after washing their carpets, skirtings, and underlay, the odour still remained. So, they decided to seek help from professionals in the industry on how to remove smell of urine.

We went out to the site and explained every detail of the process: after animals release their urine, it penetrates on carpet, subfloor and underlay. It then dries up in the form of alkaline salt and this is what offers the ammonia smell. Since the carpets were removed there is no need of treating them. But for subfloors which are porous, this is where majority of people get stuck. To break this down, a special treatment with an enzyme to assist in breaking down the alkaline salts is applied before the subfloor is sealed in, trapping the odour. Normally, this is a 2-day progression to allow the subfloor to dry and permit a new carpet to be installed.

After finalizing the results, both the insured and the insurance company were thrilled with the final product. At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we deliver professionals and guarantee results that you will be happy with. If you meet yourself in a similar position as above, please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 00 1010, we would more than happy to help.




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