How to remove mould from your vehicle?

Removing Mould From Your Vehicle:

Mould can be a tricky business, especially when it appears in places you did not expect. These unusual places can also be more difficult for mould removal with secret hiding spots and unseen crevices. Mould removal can be untimely in the first place but when you spot mould in your vehicle, the rush to take care of it can be even more urgent.  

Car mould, if left untreated, can lead to many health risks with the mould exposure being in an enclosed space. Car mould removal can also be more difficult with different products needing to be used, especially if you’re seeing mouldy car carpets.  

Car mould removal

What are the risks of mould? 

Mould is a type of fungi that lives on plant and animal matter. This can include building materials like wood and plasterboard. Mould is also often found indoors in bathrooms, kitchens, and some furnishings.  

Mould grows best in damp and poorly ventilated areas and reproduces by making spores. An unventilated car left out on a damp night, or from a rainy day, is the perfect environment for car mould to start growing. Mould associated with damp places can trigger nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, respiratory infections and worsen asthma and allergies. 

Some people are much more susceptible to these symptoms, however, long-term exposure can also lead to more serious health effects including: 

  • A weakened immune system 
  • Allergic reactions
  • Severe asthma   
  • Chronic, obstructive, or allergic lung diseases. 

It’s important to act quickly when you start noticing mould growing in your vehicle as you can be sitting in this enclosed space for long periods of time. A car mould removal service is likely your best option for successful mould removal. The professional Brisbane car mould cleaners specialise in mould remediation and can guarantee an effective and efficient mould removal service.  

Car mould removal

What to look out for? 

Mould is not always easy to recognise. It can look like a ‘fuzz’ or appear to be a stain, smudge, or discolouration. The most common moulds are black, green, or white. However, mould can be many other colours, ranging from grey to orange to brown and can also change depending on age or life stage. Mould will also often be accompanied by a musty smell.  

It can be even more difficult to spot mould in your vehicle with many more hiding spots. You may have car mould and be completely unaware, especially with children, work vehicles and a busy lifestyle. When you think you may have an issue contact the professionals for car mould removal service. Brisbane car mould cleaners are here to help.  

Why choose us? 

AllAces Cleaning & Restoration have certified and trained technicians with access to industry-leading technology, allowing us to deliver a premium car mould removal service. The high-powered steam cleaning machine at our Brisbane and Gold Coast cleaning facility will thoroughly clean, sanitise and deodorise your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. We are also perfectly positioned to offer you a vast range of car cleaning services including:  

  • Odour treatments 
  • Extensive mould removal 
  • Water damage restorations 
  • Sanitisations. 

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Rely on our Brisbane car mould cleaners to get the job done right the first time with our Brisbane and Gold Coast facilities housing state-of-the-art equipment. With water extractors, Hydroxyl machines, VaporShark, commercial vacuums, and specialised portable attachments, our Brisbane car mould cleaners are ready to deliver amazing results.  

If you want to learn more about the cleaning services AllAces has to offer, contact us on 1800 00 10 10 today! 

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