How to remove mould from Fabric

How to Remove Mould from Fabric 

Finding mould on your fabrics can be a frustrating ordeal. When it gets tangled in between the material’s surface, mould can become extremely challenging to remove. How does it start? All mould needs are a lack of sunlight, higher levels of humidity and minimal air flow. This makes a closet, cabinet or storage area a wonderful place for mould to begin spreading. Within 24 to 48 hours, mould can grow from a microscopic spore to a visible spot which can corrode surfaces. Therefore, it is important to separate the fabrics needed for treatment as it can spread quickly if not careful. 

What types of fabrics? 

Mould is not picky; it can spread and grow on any type of surface whether porous or non-porous. To remove mould from clothing for example, you would need to examine whether the fabric was made of cloth, wool, leather or synthetics. This matters as varied materials react to different chemicals in their own way. As some fabrics may be more delicate, mould cleaners need to take extra care to ensure that the correct techniques and tools are used.  


While some DIY projects are great for certain mould cleaning projects such as cleaning mould off ceiling or cleaning mould off walls, it can be challenging for other mould removal projects involving porous materials. This is because when mould latches on to porous materials such as fabrics it will bury itself within the seams to expand its roots much like a plant. This makes cleaning solutions like bleach or common commercial cleaning products incapable of reaching these areas. Furthermore, most mould cleaners typically avoid using bleach as it can damage soft fabrics like cotton or polyester, so always be wary of using the correct cleaning tools before working on removing mould. If you would like to learn more about removing mould or cleaning mould off ceiling techniques, click here.  

Hydroxyls and more 

As professional mould cleaners, AllAces constantly strives to achieve the best results when cleaning mould from fabrics by using IICRC cleaning techniques and top-of-the-line tools. One of our best assets to stopping mould growth and its spores is with hydroxyl generators. By using this naturally occurring particle through mechanical generation, we can reach and eliminate microscopic mould spores and penetrate through both porous and non-porous materials. By way of hydroxyls, we can eliminate mould’s roots within fabrics, thereby making it safer to handle. Other cleaning techniques we will use to remove mould from clothing or other fabrics are all safe so that we will not damage the original material. The only issue is when the mould itself has corroded the fabric surface it has grown on. In this case, it makes mould cleaning exceedingly difficult and we cannot guarantee that the item will return completely undamaged. Our mould cleaners are IICRC certified so all the chemicals and tools we employ are always safe on most fabrics. We will make sure to provide you with a complete report once our Brisbane or Sydney mould inspection teams make an analysis of your fabrics and materials. 

Why Us? 

AllAces has been trusted since 1988 to professionally remediate mould issues from all sorts of materials. Whether you require mould cleaners to remove mould off ceiling, walls or clothing surfaces, we’ve got your back and will always achieve a quality to your satisfaction! With IICRC trained technicians, you can trust that you are only receiving the best quality when working with us. If you would like to learn more about how our mould remediation services work, have a click here.

 We can cover: 

-Cleaning mould off ceiling issues 

-Cleaning mould off walls 

-How to remove mould from clothing 

-And so much more 

What happens next? 

Have a call with us or send in your enquiries to our friendly staff who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have! Let us know how we can help you today and we can connect you with our nearest technician. We operate all around Brisbane, Gold Coast, North QLD, Sydney and around NSW. 

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Do you have mould cleaners who can handle fabric cleanings in Sydney? 

Ans. Yes! Our Sydney mould removal and inspection teams are all ready to help you with your fabrics and their mould removals. Let our team know and we can send a technician in Sydney to deal with this issue. 


What does your mould inspection entail? 

Ans. Our Brisbane and Sydney mould inspection teams all make sure to take photos of an affected site, take moisture readings and provide a full report to you with what next steps need to be taken to remedy a mould infestation situation. Once our Brisbane or Sydney mould inspection teams touch base with you, you can book a professional mould cleaning from them, and they will handle all mould affected items, materials and fabrics. 


Can your company handle special fabrics? 

Ans. Yes, we can most certainly handle special fabrics. We have dealt with numerous types of imported and specialised fabrics in the past and are confident we can professionally clean nearly all types. If we have not encountered a certain type of fabric or are less than confident in a certain project, our mould cleaners will let you know your options for getting the fabric remediated and we will do our absolute best to provide you with the best results. 

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