How to Remove Graffiti on School Property

How to Remove Graffiti on School Property

One of our most common government call outs are requests to help with removing graffiti from school properties. One school had called us out to rectify extensive graffiti damage throughout the school grounds. Our technicians attended the very same day to assess the damage. They confirmed that the paint damage was quite thick and that a variety of different surfaces such as, besser blocks, doors, walls, a cricket pitch, synthetic grass, roller doors and fire hydrants had been significantly vandalised.

The approach to remediating graffiti damage varies depending of a few different factors. Such factors include the thickness of the paint, when the incident occurred, what surfaces have been affected, as well as the medium used to tag a premise. Below is outlined the process that we take to remove graffiti.

The Process on How to Remove Graffiti

In this case, the cleaning process was carried out by applying specific chemicals that have been tailored for graffiti removal. This is left to sit for a length of time before our technicians used agitation through non-scratch scourers and high-pressure water cleaners. The type and make of the surface will essentially determine that agitation method is used as we do not want to incur any further damage to the property. The process of applying chemical, agitating, and rinsing off with hot soapy water is sometimes repeated several times to guarantee 100% removal.

Why Choose AllAces?

Here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we treat all vandalism cases with high importance and endeavour to attend the same day or within hours of first contact, especially if the vandalism is of an offensive nature. No job is too big for our highly trained and experienced technicians and we strive to achieve amazing results in every circumstance. Give us a call on 1800 00 1010, we would be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

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