Professional Sewage Restoration

Professional Sewage Restoration

Sewage problems need a fast solution to avoid any serious effects on your health. Sewage can be extremely dangerous as it carries bacteria, viruses, and fungi, among others. It can be a major source of diseases and many epidemic outbreaks in the course of human history can be traced back to sewage. Sewer damage can have long-lasting effects if not fixed immediately.

If you have a sewage problem, it is important to call in a professional sewage restoration team to do the cleanup and to disinfect affected areas of your property properly and effectively. Any item that has been contaminated by sewage should be cleaned and disinfected immediately to prevent microbial growth. 

The Cleanup Process

Sewage cleanup and restoration entails both chemical and physical processes. Once the affected area has dried out, sewage cleanup should be performed by a professional restoration team. This is because restoration professionals have powerful drying and extraction equipment. In addition, they have the right restoration chemicals to kill mildew, mould, and spores. Outlined below is the process that our professional restoration team take when cleaning sewage. 

  1. Damage restoration experts assess the extent of the damage. 
  2. Water debris and waste are removed. 
  3. Chemical disinfection is performed on the affected areas to kill any dangerous organisms that could bring diseases like skin infections, salmonella, and Hepatitis A.

Here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we deal with sewage depending on the type of water that has been involved. Our remediation process is categorised based on the colour of the water – clean, grey, or black. 

  • Clean water is water that has come from a toilet tank overflow of fresh water from a water supply line that has been broken. 
  • Grey water is water that has come from unsanitary sources like sink drains, toilet bowls, or a dishwater. 
  • Finally, black water is water that has come from faecal material, urine, and other pathogenic matter. 

At AllAces our IICRC certified cleaning technicians follow a process depending on the type of water that you have. If odour control is used, we make sure that the right methods are used to prevent odours coming from the sewage damage. 

Odour problems are common when there is sewage damage, so we can prevent you and your family from suffering from it by solving the odour problem first. 

Sewage damage is just one of the many undesirable outcomes of disasters that can happen in any home. Therefore, it is important to deal with this problem immediately or you run the risk of contracting diseases. It may cost you to call in a professional restoration team to perform the cleanup and restoration process. However, it could end up being more costly if you try to do it on your own.

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