Pest Control for Spiders and Redbacks

Pest Control for Spiders and Redbacks

Here at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we offer a professional pest control service to remove spiders, including redbacks.

Redbacks a dangerous and too common in our environment which can pose a threat to our families and children.

At AllAces we understand that most people believe in ordinary spraying can get rid of the spiders in our homes, and this may work in some cases. However, this kind of spraying is largely ineffective because spiders are capable of closing their lungs for a considerable number of hours, which means that most common aerosols and surface sprays will end up not killing them, not even their eggs. This is why it is important to seek professional pest control which is guaranteed to eradicate your spiders.

We have designed our pest control services alongside safe guidelines and standards – all aimed at offering total protection through use of environmentally friendly tools and pesticides.

At AllAces our technicians are well trained and qualified (through QLD Health), with the ability to design and execute eradication strategies that will ensure no spider or redback are left in your home.

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