Odour Removal Process: A step-by-step explanation

The Odour Removal Process: A step-by-step explanation of how we approach odour removal, including assessment, treatment, and follow-up. 

Odour removal and smell removal can be a tricky task when not knowing where to start or where exactly these odours are coming from. A complete odour elimination service can involve numerous steps and assessment to fully deal with the source and remnants of many odours and unwanted smells.  

There are a range of treatments for odour removal, dependent on the source of the smell including urine odour removal, smoke removal, pet odour removal, carpet odour removal and standard home odour removal.  

There are a wide range of causes for unwanted smells in the home and business. As much as we love our fury friends, pets can be a major cause of odours in the home. Pet oils, urine and messes are often the cause of lingering odours, especially within carpeted homes and rooms. High traffic areas in the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, also accumulate dirt and grime that emit unpleasant smells. Especially when taking a closer look inside the dishwasher or shower drain. Mould and dampness are another common cause of odour in an enclosed area, causing a musty smell with released fungi spores contaminating the air quality.  

 AllAces Cleaning & Restoration technicians have over 30 years’ experience when dealing with odour removal and formulating a complete odour elimination plan. We work specifically for each individual job and the best possible outcomes for each customer.  

The Assessment: 

The professional technicians of AllAces administer a tailored remediation strategy for each job, assessing your situation for all the variables that make each case unique. Often a multi-step process, you are kept appraised of each stage as it progresses and updated on any new developments. Each technician has access to a broad range of equipment and processes, adaptable to any source and space, allowing AllAces to offer you a vast range of odour removal solutions. 

The Treatment: 

A selection of the most advanced and reliable equipment is utilised for odour elimination and multiple odour removal jobs. A range of treatment plans are devised to combat urine odour removal, smoke removal, pet odour removal and carpet odour removal. AllAces technicians also further specialise in the remediation of food odours, pesticide odours, mould odours, deceased site odours and pet oil odours.  

A selection of AllAces most exciting equipment includes: 

  • Powerful and low material impact Hydroxyl generators 
  • Ozone generators for rapid odour removal 
  • VaporShark essential oil membranes 
  • Carbon and HEPA filtered air scrubbing 
  • Industry leading chemical and eco-friendly treatments 

Hydroxyl Generators 

A hydroxyl generator is a device that uses UV-C to remove odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), virus particles, and bacteria particles from the air. This generator can be used for smoke removal, odours due to fire damage, water damage, mould, and pet odour removal.  

Ozone Generators  

Ozone Generators are a type of air purification system that produces Ozone (O3) to help reduce the presence of airborne contaminants. Ozone is also used effectively in water purification, however, Ozone in air must reach high levels to remove air pollutants effectively. Therefore, professional use is highly recommended to ensure safe use of these generators.  

VaporShark Essential Oil Membranes  

Primarily intended for delivering a fast, high-intensity treatment, VaporShark uses essential oil membranes to release an odour-neutralising dry vapor into the air. This vapor penetrates quickly to control and eliminate malodour caused by smoke, humidity, food, and biological odours.  

Carbon and HEPA Filtered Air Scrubbing  

HEPA filtered air scrubbing is used to filter out gases, particles, or chemicals out of a particular area. It is generally used to improve indoor air quality by trapping airborne particles. A carbon filter can also be attached to end of the HEPA air scrubber, which is used to trap odours. 

The Follow-Up: 

The AllAces approach is simple, if we say we can do it then we stand behind that commitment, every time, no question, until it’s done. We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfactory results in all odour removal situations and odour elimination.  

 Tending to odour removal requires access to specialised equipment and specific technical skill. Attempting to undertake odour removal measures yourself is often not only ineffective but could also compound the issue. Operating since 1988, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration can remediate even the most severe and stubborn of odours. 

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We operate across Australia with our most recent services including Melbourne professional odour removal and Melbourne professional smoke removal. Our full-service locations include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast Regions, Sunshine Coast & Regional, as well as Northern NSW.  Leave the job to the professionals and secure yourself an effective and long-lasting odour removal solution. Contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration today. 

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