Moving Furniture During Carpet Cleaning

Moving Furniture During Carpet Cleaning

While you can clean your carpet without moving furniture it means that the extent of the cleaning will not be as thorough and the results not as satisfying. At AllAces, we believe it is important that even the carpet that is concealed by your furniture should be cleaned, as a lot of dirt and bacteria still accumulates there over time.

We are equipped to move all your furniture around the room to ensure that we clean the entirety of the carpets (this includes lounges, beds, chairs, dressing tables). Some furniture can be moved back and forth as part of the cleaning process (provided there is space).

However, below is a list of pro-active steps you can take to have your property prepared for your professional carpet cleaning appointment:

Declutter furniture and floor:

Remove items from your furniture and floor to clear the space from potential tripping hazards and avoid having your personal belongings in the way.

Relocate delicate items:

Anything special or breakable should be removed in a safe location to avoid unnecessary damages.

Move light furniture:

Clear the area from small furniture such as lamps and plant-stands and have them out of the way in the garage or uncarpeted room.

Hang up your curtains:

Have your fabrics off the ground to protect them from moisture and the heavy-duty cleaning equipment.

Clear a path for easy access:

Make sure there is a clear path from the front door to the carpeted room(s) for the technicians to transport their equipment without risk.

Point out areas of concern:

Let the technicians know if there is a carpeted area that requires more attention or a furniture that requires to be handled with more care…

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