Moving Furniture During Carpet Cleaning

Moving Furniture During Carpet Cleaning

When you pay to have your carpet thoroughly cleaned, it is important that even the carpet that is concealed by your furniture is cleaned. If your furniture is not removed, a lot of dirt is accumulating gradually under your furniture over time.

At AllAces we like to make sure any job is done correctly. Many jobs that we do call for us to vacuum the carpet intensely due to the undue amount of dirt that the carpet has collected, which is usually a result of the previous carpet cleaner skipping areas that were occupied by furniture

At AllAces, we ensure that our services are the best they can be by moving furniture and performing thorough cleaning that leaves you carpet squeaky clean.

Our Process

Below are the steps that our technicians take in the cleaning process.

  1. The first step is to inspect the carpet prior to cleaning. We check for things like stains and spots and identify the type of carpet fibre.
  2. We move all your furniture – this includes lounges, beds, chairs, dressing tables. This feature is what distinguishes us from other companies.
  3. We then pre-vacuum your carpet. This gets rid of 70% of the dirt in your carpet.
  4. Next, we pre-condition your carpet using a detergent that is well suited for your carpet’s fibre.
  5. Then we implement rotary agitation and steam extraction. These allow for deeper cleaning.
  6. We then neutralise you carpet to prevent the build-up of chemical residue.
  7. After this, we use the same rotary system to dry off your carpets.
  8. Then the furniture is put back into the room with foam block and tabs. These prevent your furniture from absorbing moisture and protect your carpets at the same time.
  9. Finally, a final groom is performed.

So, if you are considering having your carpets professionally cleaned, call AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010 to talk to one of our friendly staff.

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