When Does Mould Release Spores?

When Does Mould Release Spores  

Mould releases its spores as soon as its surface is agitated. This can be done by something as simple as a strong gust of wind or a light wipe on a mould-affected object. As you can expect, this can make mould containment very challenging. What’s more is that mould spores are the primary reason for allergic reactions and breathing irritations caused by mould. For this reason, mould spores need to be contained and eliminated as best as possible using professional cleaning techniques to avoid any future health complications.  

When removing mould, it can be very easy to suddenly end up with plenty of unwanted mould spores in the air if the mould cleaning is not handled properly. To prevent the release of mould spores into the air, sealing techniques are vital in containing mould to a specific area. Once that area has been contained, then mould decontamination can more easily take place. Mould cleaners should always take mould spore releases into consideration when removing mould because they can unintentionally be spreading mould around other parts of the house and not dealing with the problem completely.  

After mould has released its spores, it can reach the tiniest of cracks and crevices which can make cleaning it very difficult. As mould spores are microscopic, so typical mould removal techniques won’t always be as effective at dealing with this issue. Thankfully, by way of hydroxyls, an equally microscopic and effective particle, we can fully eliminate and deactivate mould spores in the air. AllAces specialises in the use of thee hydroxyl when we remediate property from mould as we have found it to be extremely effective even penetrating porous materials to deactivate the “roots” of mould. 

While bleach and other grocery products available may “kill” mould to a certain extent, it only changes most of its colour and doesn’t deal with dead mould spores which can still negatively affect individuals’ health and allergies. Have a read for more information about why bleach is not the most effective method of dealing with mould spores. 


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