Mould Removal for Strata Managers

Mould Removal for Strata Managers

Mould Removal for Strata Managers

What should you know about mould removal as a strata/property manager?

#1 Mould growth is a nasty situation for everybody involved:

  • Your tenants,
  • Property owners,
  • You

#2 What may start as a small problem can quickly escalate. For example, in the right conditions, mould can begin to grow within 24 hours of a site being exposed to water.

#3 ‘Dead mould’ can still release dangerous spores. You need to remove it too!

#4 There are over 1000s species of mould, and some are dangerous to your health, but it takes lab testing to find out which one is growing in the properties you manage.

#5 There is already mould everywhere. The problem is when they start to grow at an accelerated rate or in vast quantities.

What should you be on the lookout for to help prevent or anticipate mould growth?

  • There are some ‘less than helpful’ tenant behaviours that may contribute to mould growth. These include:
    • Shutting all the windows,
    • Constantly running the aircon (especially with the windows closed!),
    • Not using exhaust fans in the shower or kitchen,
    • Failing to report leaks or major water spills in the home/office space

You can find out more details in our article about when to expect mould

  • Sometimes there are complications with the property that can create the perfect environment for mould growth.
    • Broken exhaust fans,
    • Leaking air conditioners,
    • Windows that do not close or open properly,
    • Defective plumbing
    • Cracked roof tiles which may be spotted by a water stain on the ceiling

Often, these problems have simple solutions that can save you lots of money and stress in the long run. It is, therefore, important to stay on top of these small maintenance tasks.

How can you be supported by AllAces before, during, and after instances of mould growth?


How can you collaborate with AllAces Cleaning & Restoration to better position yourself before a mould infestation problem even arises?

Education. Take full advantage of our expertise! Educating yourself, your staff, and your clients on the best ways to avoid mould growth is the easiest way to prevent ‘a situation’. What could this look like? Simple, see below for some easy ideas:

  • News posts. Read our News articles on mould. You can find them on our website and there are new ones added all the time!
  • Workshops. We are more than happy to organise for your staff. There are a number of topics we can cover including,
    • Understanding how mould grows. This will help your on-site inspectors feel more comfortable about what to look for when visiting buildings.
    • General mould education. There are so many incredible things to learn about mould. This background knowledge can help dispel fears, appreciate remediation efforts, and understand how to be proactive against mould growth.

On-site mould inspection and testing. You don’t need to wait for a forest to start growing, we deliver a valuable Inspection & Report package that will help you better understand if you have a problem and what to do about it. Having mould samples tested can also alert you to any significant health threats that may exist.

Confidence. You can be confident that you are well supported with our 24/7 emergency availability. We understand that the property industry is fast paced and ever evolving, that’s why we guarantee a rapid response.


What aspects should you be able to rely upon with AllAces Cleaning & Restoration when undergoing a mould growth remediation service?

Professional mould remediation services. Do not accept anything but the best service. This includes:

  • Clear communication throughout the process,
  • Effective and enduring results,
  • Genuine care and pride in our customer service,
  • Professional and Reliable

Rapid, 24/7 response. Mould will continue to multiply if the problem is not dealt with swiftly. You should be able to rely on your preferred restoration company to deliver a rapid response to your needs.

IICRC accredited (Standard for Professional Mould Remediation) technicians. You should only contact a company that has the appropriate industry accreditation. This includes IICRC certificates and training. Membership with the RIA (Restoration Industry Association) should be a prerequisite too.


What should happen after the mould remediation has been completed? Below is a list of simple follow-up services from AllAces that can make your job a lot easier:

If you need any help with cleaning and restoration or would simply like to discuss some of the points made above, please do not hesitate to contact us at AllAces Cleaning & Restoration on 1800 00 1010. Alternatively, you can submit a query in the below form or email us at We are always here to help with your mould removal needs.

Mould Removal for Strata Managers

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