Mould removal steps on how to prevent mould?

How to Prevent Mould? 

At AllAces, we understand that mould cleaning can be a daunting task. Our mould removal Sydney and Brisbane teams can attest to this. For this reason, we will always advocate for prevention over the cure! It is always easier to practice mould-reducing techniques regularly than to remove mould when it has grown out of control. When mould increases in size, it develops “roots” which make it increasingly difficult to remove the longer it is put off. This is why mould on ceiling surfaces generally have large blotches of mould as most individuals put off cleaning harder-to-reach areas. To prevent issues like having mould on ceiling or objects, It’s always best to maintain a sufficient amount of airflow, sunlight and a lack of humidity.

Let’s go through these three tips: 


Airflow is key to preventing mould from developing as it doesn’t allow for mould spores to latch onto surfaces for extended periods of time. If mould spores are unable to stay put for extended periods of time, they cannot expand their presence thereby preventing mould from becoming a major issue to deal with. 


The most natural way to remove mould would be to apply sunlight to it. As UV rays naturally eliminate and deactivate mould, so maintaining sunlight to all areas of your property should help prevent mould from developing. Mould thrives in the darkness, so it usually resides in the corners of your home where there is a lack of sunlight. 


The most crucial factor for the survival of mould is humidity. Much like a plant, mould requires a certain amount of moisture or humidity to thrive and spread. The key is maintaining a humidity level below 60% in the air and on surfaces. Make sure you are able to prevent mould from coming back by drying up any leaks or damp surfaces/spills.  

AllAces Mould Removal Sydney and Brisbane Services 

AllAces specialises in mould remediation these key areas: Chatswood, NSW and Murrarie, QLD 

Mould Removal Sydney Services 

AllAces’ mould removal Sydney services are available in the inner CBD and outer suburbs. We specialise in mould prevention along with inspections and remediations! Have a read here for more information about our mould removal Sydney services here.

Mould Removal Brisbane Services 

AllAces’ mould removal Brisbane services have been professionally taking care of all types of mould since 1988. With IICRC-accreditation, our technicians are well equipped to deal with all your mould issues. Have a read here about our Brisbane mould inspection and remediation packages.  

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  • Do you specialise in other types of mould cleanings?

Yes, we specialise in car mould cleanings, mould odour remediation and so much more. We can clean anything from books to floors and everything in between. As long as you book an inspection with us, our team will be able to thoroughly locate your mould issues before remediating them. 

  • What scale of jobs are you accustomed to?

At AllAces, we never shy away from any challenge, whether you have had mould growing on your property for years, or have an entire library in need of mould cleaning. AllAces are ready to meet all your needs to ensure your safety. We do this through the use of PPE, advanced cleaning equipment and industry-accredited training. 

  • Can you service outer suburbs?

Yes, we can perform professional mould cleanings all around Brisbane and Sydney, our team of mould cleaners can travel to your best location to help you. Plese note that costs may vary based on distance/severity of the mould, but we will always try finding our nearest and best available technician to service you. 

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