La Niña: What It Could Mean For Mould Removal and Water Damage

La Niña: What It Could Mean For Mould Removal and Water Damage

Most Australians remember 2021 as being one of the wettest summers in recent times, with heavy rainfall even causing record-breaking floods in Queensland and New South Wales! This flooding and high humidity levels have unfortunately led to many internal and structural issues with properties, houses and buildings alike. As the trade winds (winds that blow from the southeast of the southern hemisphere to the equator) bring their cooler temperatures, so do heavy flooding and rainfall. The name for this type of event is called “La Niña.”  

What followed this heavy rain was endless mould outbreaks and water damage/stains on properties all around Queensland and New South Wales. At AllAces Cleaning and Restoration, we saw the most requests we have ever had for our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal services. In response to these requests, our team of professionals are always ready to undertake any form of disaster, whether it be cleaning mould off walls, and ceilings or even repairing damaged floors. To best prepare yourself for these conditions and issues, read the information below to familiarise yourself with these weather events. 


La Niña vs El Niño  

Heavy rains, cooler temperatures and tropical cyclones are typically associated with La Niña events happening across north Australia. If this weather event continues again in 2022, it could lead to increased flooding again this summer.  

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has called a La Nina watch for 2022-23 and forecasts the probability of another wet year, as it finally calls the end of 2021-22. This could mean that Australia may experience La Niña for the third year in a row.  

During El Niño, the weather acts in complete contrast to the events of La Niña. With warmer weather and droughts, which are more commonly seen across Australia, El Niño can imply harder dry seasons.   

While both El Niño and La Niña are extreme weather conditions that can last anywhere from 6 months to several years, they do not have any pattern or schedule. So, to best prepare when either of them are announced, make sure you know if your property is prone to flooding, and ensure you can safely keep water out of your house by fixing any leaks or holes.  


La Niña Weather Might Imply: 

       1. Water Damage Issues  

Water damage caused by floods, leaks, or heavy rains can potentially cause significant harm to your property. Because water can naturally corrode materials, this leaves your home susceptible to structural damage along with an increase in mould outbreaks. Because of these issues, you should resolve these issues as soon as possible.   

The possible source of water that could damage your home can come from anything such as a leak in your ceiling or being in a flood-prone area. If you’re not already aware of this information, make sure you check with your local council to find out if your property is in a high-risk flood \rea.   

If your home has already been affected by heavy flooding or rainfall, a professional restoration service like that provided by AllAces, can perform an inspection. Inspections ensure technicians have all the possible information regarding the scope of damage and find solutions to best help mitigate the effect professional restoration service like that provided by AllAces, can perform an inspection. Inspections ensure technicians have all the possible information regarding the scope of damage and find solutions to best help mitigate the effects of water damage through floor damage repair, material drying and other types of water damage restoration.  

As previously mentioned, water damage can bring about mould outbreaks on your property. These types of outbreaks can be detrimental to your health so it’s best to find a professional mould cleaning service to deal with this issue as soon as you notice it.   

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         2. Mould Outbreaks  

AllAces not only offers water damage restoration services but our company is well experienced in the mould removal industry and is very capable of reducing humidity to exterminate mould and its spores.  

Mould outbreaks are an extremely likely result following a major flood, leak or heavy rain. As mould starts to grow and spreads at a 60% humidity level, it requires a moist atmosphere and place for it to thrive and spread its microscopic spores. What’s worse is that its microscopic spores can make your air feel “stuffy” or “unclean” while adversely affecting your health. If you suspect there may be a mould outbreak on your property, it is best to call for a professional mould cleaning service like AllAces. We not only ensure the complete removal of mould from your property, but we also use IICRC industry-accredited methods to prevent the spread of mould spores anywhere else.  

We do this by making sure to dehumidify and completely dry out the affected area and use careful handling techniques so that even dead mould cannot spread its spores in the air. Even if mould is killed through chemicals and cleaning techniques such as fogging, it does not stop the dead mould from producing spores which can cause individuals to have allergic effects among other negative health outcomes.  

While home remedies may seem useful, products such as bleach may only change the colour of mould instead of killing it. It does not completely remove mould from causing issues such as skin reactions or breathing problems. To completely get rid of mould, the best solution would be to eliminate all its particles and spores from the air along with dehumidifying any surfaces it is on.   

To completely dehumidify and negate the spread of mould spores, professional mould cleaners like AllAces use top-down antimicrobial treatments, along with using hydroxyl generators to eliminate all harmful bacteria and germs in the air and on surfaces that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Our hydroxyl machines are proficient at penetrating all types of porous surfaces, including fabrics, leather or concrete where mould likes to dwell in.  

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Are your services the same as other cleaning companies?  

Ans. “No, we are professional cleaning and restoration technicians. General cleaners might fog up a room, or spray down mould, but they aren’t dealing with the real issue that is causing the mould to continue coming back. They cannot eliminate moisture content. This is crucial because mould requires a 60% humidity level to thrive and if these conditions are met, it can spread all over your house with its microscopic spores.”  


What’s the difference between hiring a plumber to fix water damage restoration and AllAces?  

Ans. “A plumbing company may be able to find the leak in your home through techniques such as using coloured water and stopping the source. However, we ensure that all affected areas are remediated through drying, dehumidification and flood damage restoration. By all means, we do work with plumbers and builders to ensure you can safely live in your home without any worries, but when it comes to specific remediation services, our company specialises in that department.”  


What types of surfaces can you clean mould from?  

Ans. “Our professional mould cleaning technicians are well equipped to remove mould from all types of surfaces. From clothing to ceilings, our professional mould cleaning techniques are IICRC certified so you don’t have to worry about any mould coming back for some time.”  

Why Us?  

Our AllAces solution is to ensure that a quality job is achieved every time, leaving you satisfied with our work. No matter what the task at hand may be, AllAces are the Masters of Disasters. We will ensure that not only are your cleaning issues dealt with but their root causes are also fixed so that there is little chance of them ever coming back. Through our IICRC accredited training and techniques, our priority is to ensure your safety and wellbeing.   

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