Injection Drying on Timber Floors

Injection Drying on Timber Floors

Injectidry was developed to create an advanced system that can easily dry structures after water damage has occurred. This is done effectively and at minimal cost. The aim is to design a system that reduces the cost of replacements after we have dried the structures and does not pollute the environment.

At times, timber floor drying is not an easy task to handle, this is because floors made of timber can bend and warp when exposed to water. Inserting an air mover on the floor cannot dry it completely, therefore, we recommend employing an Injectidry system.

The Injectidry system restores timber floors and prevents warping and twisting. It works through suction plates that are installed on the floor to dry the moisture in the flooring. Additionally, a dehumidifier can be used to eliminate moisture in the room. Sometimes, it is necessary to employ additional techniques to completely dry the floor. For example, when using the Injectidry system on floating floor, the flooring can catch water in between the flooring and subfloor. Therefore, it may not be able to remove the moisture completely without removing the flooring.

The Injectidry system is suitable for large timber regions that are very expensive to replace. The cost of hiring the machine is much lower than replacing the floor. However, after the system has been used, you will need to sand and reseal the floor. It is critical to evaluate the cost of replacement against the drying cost, since in some instances; it is cheaper to reinstate the timber floor than using the system.

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