Injection Drying on Timber Floors

Injection Drying on Timber Floors

Injectidry was developed in order to create an advanced system that can easily dry structures effectively and at less cost after a water damage. The motivation is to design a system that restrict the replacement amount when we dry off wet structures, and does not pollute the environment.

The employment of a regenerative blower offered the initial solution. This device is common in the packaging industry. Aquariums also use it to blow air to fish. The machine seemed to solve all the problems since it had the power to supply steady movement of air and pressure. However, the machine did not have a supplementary delivery system. Injectidry Systems solved the problem.

At times, it is not an easy task to handle timber floor during drying. This is because floors made of timber can bend and warp when flooded. Inserting an air mover on the floor cannot dry it alone after flood. Hence, one can consider employing an Injectidry system.

The Injectidy system restores timber floors and prevents warping and twisting. It works through suction plates installed on the floor. The plates dry the moisture on the floor. A dehumidifier can also be used to eliminate moisture in the room. At times, the Injectidry system requires a supplement. Using the system on a floating floor fixed on concrete can catch flooded water below hence unable to withdraw moisture completely.

This system type is suitable for large timber regions that are very expensive to replace. One can hire the system at a cost of $400 each day. This cost is much lower than replacing the floor. However after one has used the system, you will need to sand and reseal the floor. It is critical to evaluate the cost of replacement against the drying cost, since in some instances; it is cheaper to reinstate the timber floor than using the system.

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