How to Identify Mould

How to Identify Mould

As the seasons change and summer sets in, so does the rain and the soon to follow damp environments that mould thrives in. Mould removal can be a difficult cleaning challenge to tackle when you’re not sure what mould you’re dealing with and if it’s in fact dangerous. Therefore, identifying the mould is the first issue to be ticked off before beginning the cleaning job. It’s important to determine which cleaning products or professional help you’ll need to fully complete a mould removal job. If mould contact is unsafely undertaken, numerous health issues can arise with serious dangers and side effects. It is important to consider whether you should call in the professionals.  

There are six common household moulds to look out for and accompanying dangers to be aware of.

In some cases, a professional mould removal clean is needed to safely rid your home of these nasties.  


Is a type of mould usually found growing on damp carpet, wallpaper, air conditioners, and other moist surfaces. It begins to grow with a white or off-white colour before maturing into a green colour. This mould can have serious side effects due to the mycotoxins emitted. This can cause health problems like asthma, respiratory irritation, fatigue, and depression. Many people are also found to be allergic to this kind of mould. Unfortunately, Trichoderma is a difficult mould to kill with a registered fungicide often needing to be used or a professional mould remediation 


This mould is found outdoors but can also grow in damp indoor places such as sinks, bathrooms, and surrounding leaky pipes. Alternaria mould is dark green in colour or with a brown velvety texture. This mould can easily spread from one area to another, with exposure possibly causing allergic reactions and can trigger asthma attacks. To remove this mould, regular cleaning must be undertaken but can be completed with general household mould removers.  

Stachybotrys Chartarum 

This is a very dangerous mould often referred to as “Black Mould or Toxic Mould.” This mould can be identified by its slimy black appearance and musty odour. It can produce mycotoxins like Trichoderma that can cause serious health issues after contact. This type of mould removal should be completed by professional mould cleaning services.  


Ulocladium grows in areas effected by high levels of water, usually found on damaged water pipes, wet walls and in homes that have been heavily damaged by floods. This mould is typically black and forms in clumps. If caught early, the mould removal can be done by the homeowner with general household cleaners.  


Another dangerous indoor mould that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory infections and a condition called hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This is caused by antigens found within the mould which cause inflammation of the lungs. This mould typically has grey or green spores that can form thick layers of mould. Extensive infestations will require professional mould removal


Commonly found indoors where moisture and water are present. This type of mould can also be found on food items such as dried food, fruits, cheese and more. The surface of this mould is velvet-like and blue green in colour with contact possibly leading to a high fever, asthma, and hypersensitivity. Larger Penicillium mould remediations should be undertaken by professional mould cleaning services.  

It can be overwhelming when trying to identify mould and whether it is of the dangerous kind, especially with a family. Regular cleaning can help to prevent mould build up, however, in some climates it is often unavoidable. There are many tips and home remedies that claim to effectively remove mould and prevent reoccurrences. Although, it can be often very time consuming to test them all and find the best solution for your home’s mould removal. There are also numerous dangers to consider especially if you are unsure of which type of mould you are dealing with. To rid your home of mould safely and efficiently, a professional mould removal is highly recommended.  

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