Quick Fixes For House Odour Removal in Your Kitchen

Quick Fixes for House Odour Removal in Your Kitchen


This article provides quick solutions for kitchen odour removal. It emphasises proper ventilation, using baking soda, citrus peels, and coffee grounds to absorb odours, and employing vinegar for cleaning and neutralising smells. It suggests keeping trash under control, investing in an air purifier, and practising preventative measures. The FAQs address persistent odours, food odours in the refrigerator, and stubborn cooking odours in the oven or microwave.

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House odour removal

In the struggles of house odour removal, the kitchen stands as the heart and soul of every home and often lingering odours. It’s the place where delectable dishes are crafted, cherished family moments are shared, and culinary experiments come to life. However, amidst all the culinary magic, it’s not uncommon for unwanted odours to sneak their way into this sacred space. If you’ve been on a quest to banish kitchen odours swiftly and effectively, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into a myriad of quick fixes and ingenious tricks to help you maintain a fresh and inviting kitchen environment. From tackling stubborn cooking smells and house odour removal to preventing future odorous intrusions, we’ve got you covered.

Our Effective House Odour Removal Tips

Ventilation Matters: Keep the Air Fresh

One of the fundamental keys to combating kitchen odours is ensuring proper ventilation. An efficient range hood or extractor fan is your first line of defence against lingering cooking smells. Ensure it’s in good working condition and use it every time you cook. The goal here is to whisk away the odours at their source, preventing them from permeating your kitchen and adjacent areas.

The Power of Baking Soda

Baking soda, a kitchen staple, is your trusty sidekick in the battle against house odour removal methods. Its incredible odour-absorbing properties make it an essential tool. Simply leave an open box of baking soda in your fridge and freezer to neutralise unwanted scents. Additionally, you can sprinkle some at the bottom of your trash can to mitigate unpleasant trash odours.

Freshen Up with Citrus

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are not only delightful additions to recipes but also excellent house odour removal instruments. After you’ve used them for cooking or baking, don’t discard the peels. Instead, toss them in your garbage disposal or down your sink while running the disposal unit. The natural citrus oils will help freshen the drain and eliminate any lurking odours.

Absorb Odours with Coffee Grounds

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll appreciate this hack. Used coffee grounds, with their strong, aromatic scent, are fantastic at absorbing odours. Place a bowl of dried coffee grounds in your kitchen to help neutralise cooking smells. You’ll be amazed at how effectively they work.

House odour removal

Vinegar, the Miracle Solution

Vinegar is a kitchen superstar when it comes to house odour removal. Create a solution by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spritz this mixture in the air and on surfaces to neutralise odours. Additionally, you can boil a pot of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar to combat lingering cooking smells.

Tackle Grease and Residue

Often, lingering odours in the kitchen are due to grease and residue build-up on surfaces. Regularly clean your stove, oven, and microwave to prevent these odours from taking hold. Use a degreasing cleaner to ensure a thorough job, and don’t forget to wipe down the exhaust fan or range hood.

Keep Trash Under Control

Your kitchen trash can be a major source of unpleasant odours. To combat this, use trash bags with odour-absorbing properties or sprinkle a bit of baking soda at the bottom of the can. Make sure to empty the trash regularly to prevent odours from intensifying.

Invest in an Air Purifier

For a long-term solution to kitchen odours, consider investing in an air purifier. These devices are designed to capture and eliminate airborne particles, including odours. Look for a model with a built-in activated carbon filter for optimal house odour removal.

Preventative Measures: Cooking with Care

Prevention is often the best cure. When cooking, be mindful of odorous ingredients and use them sparingly. Properly seal food containers to prevent their smells from escaping and avoid leaving uncovered food in the refrigerator.

House Odour removal

In conclusion, a fresh and inviting kitchen is within your reach, with house odour removal easier than you might think. Incorporate these quick fixes and tips into your kitchen routine, and you’ll enjoy a delightful cooking environment that’s always ready to welcome you. Remember, the key is to stay vigilant, be proactive, and keep your kitchen smelling as sweet as your culinary creations.


What causes persistent odours in my kitchen even after cleaning?

Lingering odours in the kitchen can be caused by hidden food residues, grease build-up, or mould. Proper cleaning of surfaces, appliances, and ventilation systems can help eliminate these odours.

How can I prevent food odours from lingering in my refrigerator?

To prevent food odours in the refrigerator, store foods in airtight containers, use baking soda to absorb odours and regularly clean the interior with a mixture of water and vinegar. Additionally, check for expired or spoiled items and discard them promptly.

What can I do about stubborn, burnt-on cooking odours in my oven or microwave?

To address stubborn cooking odours in your oven or microwave, you can try cleaning with a mixture of baking soda and water or using commercial oven cleaners for more severe cases. Running the oven or microwave with a bowl of lemon juice and water can also help eliminate lingering odours.

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