Hoarder Cleanup Case Study by AllAces Cleaning & Restoration

Hoarder Clean up Case Study by AllAces Cleaning & Restoration

In March of this year, the AllAces team was trusted with a substantial hoarder cleanup and squalor sanitisation job in Sydney, NSW. Our trained and IICRC-certified technicians took on the job with understanding and determination to complete the full scope of hoarder cleanup works and return the property to a safe and habitable condition. 

Hoarder cleanup case study from domestic customer

The Challenge

After years of rubbish build-up and dangerous living conditions, this client needed drastic action. Finally having the courage to reveal their living conditions and seek help, our specialist hoarder cleanup, and squalor technicians were ready to act quickly and restore the property to a safe and healthy environment for all involved. 

The Solution

The AllAces team jumped into action, working with commitment and compassion to clean and restore the property. Acting without judgement, our trained and certified technicians cleared the property of all rubbish, with proper disposal, before cleaning and sanitising all surfaces. 

The Outcome

After over 48 man-hours and multiple vans of rubbish, the property was treated with antimicrobials to effectively sanitise and treat any remaining biohazardous materials. The AllAces team provided this client with the respect and sensitivity needed to undertake the entirety of the hoarder cleanup job and restore a safe and healthy living space. 

Cleaned up hoarding problem. Hoarder cleanup

View the complete case study here:Hoarding Rescue case study (Domestic)

Why Choose AllAces?

It is always best to use professional cleaning services when dealing with hoarder cleanup and squalor situations. It is the only way to ensure the process is completed to the highest possible standard. Additionally, hoarding and squalor remediations are both physically and emotionally demanding tasks. At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration, we understand these situations and are trained, qualified, and experienced to handle any level of severity. We are capable of delivering incredible results in your time of need. We’re here to help!

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AllAces van at Hoarding cleaning project


What triggers hoarding behaviour? 

Hoarding can be triggered by many external factors including ongoing mental illness, traumatic events, and family history.  

When is hoarding a problem? 

Hoarding becomes a problem when the hoarding environment creates risks to the occupants. These risks can include fire hazards of blocked exits and hallways, fall hazards, health risks and unsanitary conditions.  

Are there different levels of hoarding? 

Yes, hoarding can be categorised into different levels based on the severity and impact on daily life. The levels range from mild, where clutter is present but does not interfere with daily life, to severe, where the clutter poses a significant risk to health and safety. 

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