Heat Drying Timber Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

Heat Drying Timber Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

One of our customers had an unfortunate water damage mishap in their home that was caused by a burst washing machine in their laundry. This caused a significant amount of timber flooring and cabinetry to become wet. When we receive a call for any restoration work it is important that we act as quickly as possible to ensure that no further damages occur. Sometimes, if left untreated and over a period of time, mould can begin to appear on surfaces and potentially become toxic.

Our Process

Upon arrival to the job, our technicians took moisture readings in inconspicuous areas before installing the drying equipment. Rather than having our clients go through the very costly exercise of removing the laundry cabinets and replacing them all together, we used Drymatic Heat Drying mats that allow the moisture to evaporate much faster, saving time and money.

This was possible by placing mats on both the flooring and through attached tubing placed in holes created when the moisture readings were taken. Air is fanned through the mats and heated gradually and released through small holes in the mat and tubing through the cabinetry. This is a very effective process that allows for minimal disruption to your home. All access points are filled in upon the job’s completion, this leaves no visible damage to your property.

At AllAces Cleaning & Restoration we cannot stress the importance of engaging with a professional company when requiring any restoration services. AllAces are highly experienced and trained in many different drying techniques, so you will not be disappointed with the results. For more information, contact one of out friendly staff on 1800 00 1010.

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