How to get Mould out of Clothes

How to get Mould out of Clothes 

It’s frustrating when you pull out that one nice piece of clothing from the back of your wardrobe to find that it’s got mold on it. It can create a bad odour and leave permanent stains as the mould eats away at the fabric while also spreading to other clothing items you own. Mould or mildew can cause problems for your health, so it’s important to remove any outbreaks that you’re aware of. 

When left alone, mould will continue to grow and spread. Even if the mould itself is ‘dead’, mould spores can still travel in the air and reduce the air quality of your home which creates a feeling of stuffiness. Travelling mould spores can also infect the rest of your home and impact other surfaces. This is why its important to get rid of any mould when it appears. 

Mould can create health issues, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to mould, which can include rashes and dermatitis among other symptoms. The problem with mould on your clothes is that most clothing items are generally porous, which means that mould can penetrate the material and lives underneath the surface of the item. You can learn more about porous vs nonporous materials here. Mould on and in your clothes therefore is a larger issue than maybe first realised and is essential to be removed. 

While bleach is the most common mould home remedy, DIY mould removal does not effectively treat mould. However, the results are deceiving as it may appear to be removed but instead becomes invisible to the naked eye while still spreading and growing in your home. You can read more about bleach as a mould treatment in more detail here

DIY mould removal methods may get rid of small amounts of mould or mildew on the surface, but they can’t get as deep into a porous fabric like mould can. Therefore, while it might remove the appearance of mould spots, there is no guarantee it will be fully removed. However, to permanently remove mould from your clothes, professional mould cleaners like our trusted technicians at AllAces need to be called in. 

At AllAces, we have specialised mould removal techniques and machinery we use which are highly effective when it comes to remediation. Our hydroxyl machines use UV rays to kill mould living deeply within a material without creating damage to the item. Our air scrubbers then filter the air in the surrounding area to catch and kill and travelling air-borne mould spores. We have over 30 years of professional mould removal experience and all of our technicians are trained to meet IICRC industry standards. 

If you have any questions about starting the process of getting your clothes or other items cleaned from mould, contact our team today. Our friendly staff are available to chat about your needs and organise an inspection by our Brisbane and Sydney mould removal specialists.  

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