Fire Damage Restoration Tips

Fire Damage Restoration Tips

House fires are unexpected and pose a multitude of problems. The homeowner is suddenly face with the difficult task of cleaning up a fire damaged home. This process must ensure a) that no further damage is done to the property and, b) the health of the inhabitants remains the highest priority.

To help you, AllAces has put together some Fire Damage Restoration Tips.

Fires can be deadly; they affect your home and can lead to devastating property loss. Aside from the primary damage caused by the fire itself, secondary damage from attempts to extinguish the flames is also common. It is important for homeowners to become familiar with the cleanup process.

Fire damage clean up must be done as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished. However, it is important that you make sure it is safe to proceed.

Some helpful tips for fire damage cleanup

The most important thing to do after fire damage is to act fast and call an IICRC certified fire and smoke damage restoration technician to assess the extent of the damage. We can then advise you what steps to take as well as the process for restoration.

  • You should not enter any fire damaged areas without protective gear for your face as smoke odour and fire damage residue can impair your respiratory system. Prioritise your safety before you undergo any kind of restoration.
  • It is advised that you open all windows and doors to let in fresh air. This can help evaporate excess water. This is important to avoid the growth of mould and mildew.
  • You can use industrial fans to let the air circulate and help dry excess water. Make sure your electricity line is safe to use before you do so.
  • You can start cleaning soot yourself. Start with the ceiling, then the walls and floors. Make sure you do your research when finding domestic cleaning products, not all smoke and fire cleaner are made equal.
  • Try to remove any salvageable contents from the fire damaged area to lessen the amount of smoke they absorb.
  • Avoid using a standard vacuum for cleaning the floors as it may release the soot back into the air.
  • Use alkaline-based cleaner to neutralise soot and odours for affected fabrics. Always test products on an inconspicuous patch before applying them to the full item of furniture.
  • Smoke odours are difficult to remove. You may need to let a professional restoration team handle this problem. Make sure they have experience with odour removal, or you may find they just attempt to ‘mask’ the smell.

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