Restoring the Unthinkable: Fire Damage Restoration Case Study

Case Study: Fire Damage Restoration

In December 2022, AllAces Cleaning & Restoration completed an extensive fire damage restoration job located in Frenchs Forest, NSW. After 108 man-hours and numerous air scrubbers and hydroxyl machines to purify the air, the factory was returned to its pre-fire condition.  

Soot damage cleaning by fire damage restoration cleaners

The Challenge 

AllAces Cleaning and Restoration was called in to undertake a challenging fire damage restoration job following a factory fire in Frenchs Forest, NSW. The factory had been heavily affected by soot and smoke, with strong odours and extensive damage to the floors, walls, and stairs.  

Professional fire damage restoration services

The Solution 

The first task of the fire damage restoration was to address the two flights of stairs that were covered in soot and smoke residue. With meticulous attention to detail, the team painstakingly removed the soot and eliminated the smoke odours, ensuring that the area was restored to a safe and healthy workspace. Moving on to the main factory floors, the team utilised their expertise in floor treatments and quickly vacuumed and mopped the entire floor on two levels, leaving it clean and free from any soot or smoke residue. The team also took care of the walls, which had sawdust residue and were meticulously cleaned. 

The Outcome 

As part of our comprehensive approach, AllAces recommended additional treatments to achieve the best results possible for a complete fire damage restoration.  

Setting up containment areas to prevent cross-contamination, state-of-the-art air scrubbers and hydroxyls were deployed to purify the air and eliminate any remaining odours. With an unwavering commitment to quality and our extensive experience in fire damage restoration, AllAces went above and beyond to restore the factory to its pre-fire condition.  

View the full case study here:  Factory Fire Damage Restoration

Cleaned fire damage on floor

Why Choose AllAces? 

Smoke and fire residues are dangerous, posing significant health risks. Only experienced professionals with recognised certifications and the proper equipment can be trusted to do the job. Do not risk the safety of your family or colleagues by attempting to remediate fire damage by yourself, or by using unqualified service providers.   

Contact AllAces Cleaning & Restoration and secure viable and permanent solutions for fire damage restoration today at 1800 00 10 10.  


What is the most common cause of house fires? 

The most common cause of house fires is cooking accidents, such as leaving food unattended on the stove or in the oven. Other common causes include electrical problems, heating equipment malfunctions, and smoking. 

Is fire damage dangerous? 

Yes, fire damage can be dangerous due to the potential collapse of weakened structures, exposure to smoke and harmful chemicals, and the risk of electrocution or gas leaks. Additionally, fire damage can result in long-term health effects and financial losses. 

Why is soot dangerous? 

Soot can be dangerous because it contains harmful chemicals and particles that can irritate the lungs, cause respiratory problems, and increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. It can also be flammable and contribute to the spread of fire. 

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