Expert Trauma Cleaners Case Study: Biohazard, Doonside NSW

Expert Trauma Cleaners Case Study: Biohazard, Doonside NSW

Location: Doonside, NSW

Service: Trauma/Biohazard Decontamination

Client: Domestic

expert trauma cleaners

The Challenge

The AllAces team received an urgent call from a resident in Doonside this month facing a delicate and potentially hazardous situation. A biohazard contamination had spread throughout their laundry and bathroom, requiring immediate professional attention.

The Solution

Our expert trauma cleaners responded promptly and discreetly. Equipped with specialised protective gear and commercial-grade disinfectants, they followed a strict protocol:

  • Initial assessment: Upon arrival, the team carefully assessed the contaminated areas, identifying the extent of the problem and potential risks.
  • Containment: To prevent further spread, the team sealed off the affected areas with biohazard barriers.
  • Removal: Contaminated materials like clothing, linens, and cleaning supplies were carefully removed and disposed of in accordance with regulations.
  • Deep sanitisation: All surfaces in the laundry and bathroom underwent a meticulous top-down cleaning and disinfection process using certified disinfectants.
  • Waste disposal: All removed materials were safely transported and disposed of to the required standards.

The Outcome

The affected areas were thoroughly sanitised and deodorised, eliminating any lingering health risks. Our client was extremely satisfied with the prompt, professional, and discreet service. The property was restored to a safe and hygienic condition, allowing the client to reclaim their peace of mind.

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