Electric Portable Steam Extractions

Electric Portable Steam Extractions

Razorback Creed 300 Dual Heat System – Automatic

Razorback Creed 300Razorback has very quickly built a reputation for manufacturing quality carpet cleaning equipment. Razorback manufactures a full line of portable hot water carpet cleaning and tile and grout extractors.

Heat cleans carpet better and reduces drying times. The Razorback Creed 300 DHS with its amazing Dual Heat System is the only Australian made portable extraction unit that can produce warm water instantly. Couple this feature with a high volume 300 psi hypro pump, dual 1100 watt vacuum system and a robust design and you get the ultimate portable carpet cleaning system.

Evolution Rotationally Molded Wand for Portable Carpet Extractors. This amazing new wand technology has increased the performance of our portable carpet extractors by utilising Laminar Airflow. The Evolution out performs stainless steel wands and is nearly half the weight.

US Products PEX 500

US Products PEX 500

The PEX Series Extractors are designed with the end user’s needs in mind. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility.

There was no skimping on the performance either in this 500psi version. Dual vacuums and on-demand 100°C heat provide unmatched cleaning power. An innovative sound deadening chamber keeps the machine quieter for daytime operation. The PEX pallet design allows the operator to simply open the hinged tanks for full access to machine components for convenient and easy service and maintenance access. Convenient controls allow for efficient operation.

KleenRite EDGE® 500


KleenRite Edge 500The EDGE® has individual solution and waste tanks, a large opening on the waste tank with a rotationally moulded vacuum connection lid. The solution and vacuum connection are on the front of the machine and the waste discharge is on the rear of the machine.

All machines in the EDGE® Series offer many choices in pump, vacuum and heater configurations. Preheat capability, which allows you to heat the solution tank prior to cleaning and vacuum silencing, making your EDGE® very quiet (72 db).


US Products HHP Heated Carpet Extractors

US Products HHP SeriesThe HHP Series portable carpet extractors offer versatility, labor savings and superior cleaning results. Cleaning with high heat and pressure dramatically improves cleaning effectiveness. The HHP offers instant heat to 212°F at the wand tip on all heated models and psi of 150, 75/300 or adjustable 0-300. Adjustable pressure allows you to clean carpets, fabrics and upholstery.

Each machine uses our low moisture system which improves drying times. The HHP Series offers solid state circuitry, including our patented circuit locator to prevent blown circuits. It’s compact enough to fit upright in your van or S.U.V. Experience the super-cleaning power of the HHP Series portable extractors.
US Products Triple Play Spotter

Discover a powerful idea in spot removal–the Triple Play from U.S. Products. The Triple Play has three tanks: one for solution, one for rinse and one for recovery. So, now, instead of emptying your solution in order to rinse, you simply flip a switch.

Chemical residues which cause re-soiling can be removed instantly. The large lift off recovery tank also lets you extract more spots before emptying. And talk about power. The Triple Play’s vacuum motor is strong enough to extract spots using an optional light weight floor wand. It’s also compact and easy to manoeuvre. In fact, it comes standard with 5-inch wheels and a foldaway handle so you don’t have to go buy a cart. Spot the difference for yourself.

ClarkClean Spot-Xtract Extractor

ClarkClean Spot XtractThe ClarkClean Spot-Xtract is a compact and lightweight self-contained carpet spot extractor designed for cleaning small areas of carpet, spot cleaning and upholstery cleaning, especially in congested and hard to reach areas.

This easy-to-use 11 litre model sprays and recovers its own cleaning solution. It features an ergonomic clear view spot and upholstery tool with a precision spray nozzle and comes complete with a hose set.


Cimex CR48 Cyclone Encapsulation Scrubber

Cimex CR48 CycloneThe Cimex has 3 counter-rotating brushes. The 3 brushes spin clockwise while the drive deck turns counter-clockwise. So it’s actually turning in both directions simultaneously. Therefore it actually scrubs all sides of the fiber with each pass.

To put this into context, the Cimex is over 6 times more efficient than a standard rotary machine. Three brushes spinning at 400 rpm as compared to one brush turning at 175 rpm means there’s a 600% increase in cleaning aggression.

In other words, if we were to clean a very dirty carpet with 3 passes using the Cimex it would require 18 passes with a standard rotary machine to accomplish the same thing. And since the brushes are counter-rotating, there’s no tip bloom or damage to the carpet. The Cimex can clean 200 – 300 square metres per hour on the average.

Hako Rotobic G-Force Scrubber

Hako G-Force ScrubberCommercial 45cm, 215rpm, cord electric, universal suction scrubber/polisher, suited to larger areas, requiring heavy duty scrubbing or floor surfaces difficult to polish.

The vacuum system is similar to the G-Force.

Floor Maintenance Productivity:

  • Polishing: 250m²/hr
  • Scrubbing: 375m²/hr



HydraMaster RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor

RX-20 Rotary Jet Steam Extraction EquipmentThe amazing RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor has revolutionised the way carpets are cleaned. With 3 spray jets, matched with 5 vacuum slots, the RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This incredible scrubbing action releases soils while fluffing up and restoring carpet life. Customers will be impressed with the high-tech approach to cleaning the RX-20 produces, setting your operation apart from those using only a wand. Clean with less effort, get better results.



Dry Fusion MKII Dry Cleaning Machine

DryFusion Mark 2 Dry CleaningOriginally developed in Australia the Dry Fusion system uses a heated bonnet system to clean, deodorise, dry and protect your customer carpets all in one process. Ten years since its original launch the Dry Fusion system boasts thousands of satisfied customers having their carpets cleaned via the innovative low moisture carpet cleaning process that has made its name by being cleaner, fresher, drier, faster and safer than any other carpet cleaning system.




Hydro-Force Gekko Wand

HydroForce Gekko Wand

Concentrates all the water pressure thorough an amazing new spray jet that createsextreme force for cleaning severely soiled grout. Works with pressure from 100 psi to 2000 psi. Primarily used as a detail tool for corners or edges. May be needed for some grout lines with extreme soiling.



KleenRite V-Boost Vac Booster


KleenRite VBoost Vac BoosterNo need to worry about losing Vacuum Power with extended hoses when you have KleenRite’s NEW High Performance Vac Boost. Increased airflow of up to 135%.





Polivac Rotary Scrubber

Polivac Rotary ScrubberA powerful Rotary Scrubber with an offset motor that provides exceptional balance and starting torque. Unique direct gear drive builds reliability into every Polivac machine. All-Australian designed and built scrubber. Powerful 1.12 kw (1.5hp) 2pole motor with a brush speed of 186rpm.




Razorback Boost Vac

Razorback Boost VacThe Booster is an added vacuum air flow booster pack designed to work portables machine equipped with a booster port to create more vacuum. Greater vacuum significantly reduces drying times or allows you to run over 30 mtrs of hose from your portable


  • 2×1200 Watt 2 Stage in series vac motors increases air flow and vacuum pressure
  • Reduced drying times
  • Allows hose runs of over 30 metres
  • 2 inch (50mm) intake, outlet and connection hose increases performance
  • Tough fibreglass housing with moulded in handle

For use with portables with booster ports, if you have a portable with out booster port you will need to use an inline vac booster.

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